30 Mar,2020

  • Deep Void in global leadership (WHO's Functioning amid COVID response) (Social Issues)
  • Deep Void in global leadership (Global collective action against nCOVID-19) (Social Issues)
  • Gallery launches virtual tour of collection (Indian modern Painters) (Art and Culture)
  • US Air Force cancels Red Flag Exercise (many other Defence Exercises) (Defence)
  • Himalayan Ibex a distinct Species (Environment)
  • Summary for Prelims
  • Questions on E-Learn

Prelims Quiz


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    The deep void in global leadership

    • The coronavirus’s flight across the world at lightning speed, has exposed the total void in collective leadership at the global level.
    • Three months into the global pandemic, there is as yet no comprehensive, concerted plan of action, orchestrated by global leaders, to combat this terror.

    It is encouraging to learn that the G20 leaders have agreed to inject $5-trillion into the world economy to partially counter the devastating economic impact of the pandemic. This is indeed good news. But taking collective ownership to fight a global war against the virus will require a lot more than writing cheques.

    • What are the indications that global institutions failed?
    • Why lockdowns are not effective?
    • Two developments in the global polity in the last few years have contributed to the indifference towards collective global action.
    • G20 offers hope
    • In facing the present challenge, the following actions should come out of such a collective.



    • Criticisms of WHO for handling of nCovid-19 Pandemic


    Gallery launches virtual tour of collection 

    The National Gallery of Modern Art (NGMA) has unveiled virtual tool of its collection in order to commemorate its 66th Foundation amid the COVID-19 breakdown. The collection includes modern iconic paintings of Raja Ravi Verma, M.F. Hussain, and Abindranath Tagore etc.

    • Details about Indian Modern Painting
    • Raja Ravi Verma
    • Bengal school
    • Cubist style of Painting by MF Hussain


    U.S air force cancels Red flag Exercise

    Owing to travel restrictions due to COVID 19 pandemic, the U.S. Air Force has cancelled the multilateral air exercise, Red Flag

    • About Red Flag Exercise
    • Important Military Exercises


    Himalayan Ibex a distinct species  


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