31 Mar, 2020

  • COVID-19 Related Important Themes (Important Themes related to COVID -19 from UPSC perspective)
  • Cauvery River (Indian geography) (Map location - prelims)
  • Forest fires (Environment) (Important Aspects of Forests for prelims)
  • COVID 19 And Food Security (Social Issues) (Impact of CRORNA outbreak on Global Food Supply chains)
  • Questions on E-Learn

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    Various aspects related to COVID-19

    • It is important to revise and consolidate various perspectives remerging out of COIVD-19 situation.


    Amid lockdown, forest fires point to sabotage

    The lockdown apparently does not work in the forests of Telangana where fires are ravaging nature with unparallelled immunity, according to the Forest Fire Alert System based on satellite remote sensing technology

    • Basics about Forest fires:
    • Causes of forest fires
    • Main losses from extensive forest fires.

    Cauvery and its tributaries look cleaner as pandemic puts a halt to pollution The strict enforcement of 21­ day lockdown due to the coronavirus pandemic has turned out to be a boon for the Cauvery and other rivers in the old Mysuru region as the prohibition of industrial and religious activities has helped reduce the pollution level in river waters.

    • Main Waterfalls
    • Important Characteristics
    • Left bank tributaries
    • Right Bank Tributaries


    Covid 19 and Food security

    To reduce the risk of an even greater toll — shortage of food for millions — the world must take immediate actions to minimize disruptions to food supply chains.

    • How COVID - 19 is impacting Food Supply
    • Steps Required
    • Conclusion

    sivaramakrishnaa 8 months ago

    please..can anyone explain how solifluction causes forest fire?

    Swapnanil Das 8 months ago

    solifluction is basically shifting of wet soil in forest. This may result to boulder/stones rolling down the hill tops thus creating sparks

    charan azmera 8 months ago

    Sir, please attach doc version also

    Aman Raj Sinha 8 months ago

    Sir, in this DNS video you asked us to to prepare a list of Indian rivers along with their origin, end, states they flow through, dams and project built on it, waterfalls located on it, the left & right bank tributaries of it and many others. while preparing the notes for the same, many sources on the net provides that Left bank Tributaries of Cauvery are :- Lakshmantirath , Kabini ,Suvarnevati , Bhavani , Noyil , Amravati and the Right bank Tributaries of Cauvery are :- Hemavati , Shimsha , Arkaveri , Chovrai , Turunananimuttai. This info is contradictory to what you explained in the DNS video dated 31-03-20. Please correct me if i am wrong.

    Aman Raj Sinha 8 months ago

    Also Sir, can you please provide us the list of waterfalls in India, along with the rivers on which they are located upon

    Sumalatha kodelwar 8 months ago

    Plz explain correctly which are left and right tributaries


    V Aarthi 8 months ago

    • Left Bank: the Harangi, the Hemavati, the Shimsha and the Arkavati.
    • Right Bank: Lakshmantirtha, the Kabbani, the Suvarnavati, the Bhavani, the Noyil and the Amaravati joins from right.    The info given in the DNS is correct.