04 Apr, 2020

  • NSA invoked against four Indore residents (Polity & Governance) (National Security and Public Order)
  • Capital records wettest March in history, says Met (Indian Geography) (Changing Weather Pattern)
  • Cuban doctors fighting virus around world (International Relation) (Heath Systems across the world)
  • Plea seeks minimum wages for migrant workers (Disaster Management and Social Justice) (Social justice during Disaster Management)
  • Questions on E-Learn
  • Question of the day (Polity & Governance)

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    NSA to be filed against 6 for harassing nurses

    The Uttar Pradesh government has invoked the stern National Security Act (NSA) against a few Tablighi Jamaat (TJ) members for allegedly violating quarantine directives in Ghaziabad. 

    • National Security Act, 1980
    • Preventive detention laws in India
    • Rights of an arrested person
    • Way ahead


    Capital records wettest March in history, says Met The Hindu

    March has brought news of rain from almost the entire country with many regions, particularly Central and South India already breaking age old rain records. So is there something unique about rain in the month of March that makes it this eventful a month or is it just another freak year where incidents of unusual weather will become common?

    • Nature of rain in March
    • Uniqueness this year


    Cuban doctors fighting virus around world

    Cuba has sent a lot of medical professionals across the globe (Europe as well Latin America). But these countries are increasingly coming under the pressure from USA to withdraw from any kind of Cuban Aid. So in this article we will understand how Cuba’s health system evolved to become one of the worlds best and why USA is forcing various countries to send the Cubans back.

    • Cuban Health System
    • How does this Health expertise help Cuba in Foreign relations?
    • How come Cuba come to develop such a good health care?
    • Why were these sanctions imposed?
    • Why America wants these countries to stop using Cuban aid?


    COVID-19 | Plea in SC seeks minimum wages for migrant workers

    The Supreme Court has sought a response from the Centre on the steps taken by the government to mitigate the hardships faced by the migrant labour in the aftermath of declaration of the lockdown. The petition has demanded the Centre to activate the National Executive Committee and take appropriate steps to provide compensation in the form of  payment of minimum wages to these workers. Thus as a part of this news analysis let us understand various provisions of the Disaster Management 2005 to deal with such a disaster.

    • Provisions invoked by the government
    • What other provisions can be invoked?

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