05 Apr, 2020

  • Falling Crude Oil Prices (Impact of falling crude oil Prices on Oil importing Nations ) (Economy)
  • ICMR - Rulebook on Large Outbreaks (Guidelines on handling the CORONA Outbreak) (Social Issues)
  • Artificial Intelligence for Drug Discovery (Applications of AI) (Science)
  • COVID-19 on Surfaces (Effective disinfectants for cleaning COVID-19 from Solid surfaces) (Science)
  • Prelims Revision
  • Questions on E-Learn
  • Question of the day (Science)

Prelims Quiz


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    Bounty from the Oil Plunge

    Recently the failure of OPEC+ deal to lower the production has led to oil prices crashing to all-time low since 1991 to around $22-$23 a barrel from 65$ in December 2019.

    • Global oil supply
    • In focus: OPEC+ Deal
    • Failure of the deal
    • Reasons for Russia to withdraw
    • Impact on Importing Countries like India
    • Lower import bill
    • Current account balance
    • Inflation
    • Appreciating rupee
    • Excise duty hike
    • Details
    • Significance


    ICMR issues rule book on ‘large

    • The Indian Council for Medical Research (ICMR) has issued two guidelines on
      • How the country plans to manage a “large outbreak”
      • How rapid antibody test kits ought to deployed.
    • So what are the key highlights of the guidelines on management of a “large outbreak?
    • And what are the key highlights of the guidelines on use of rapid antibody testing kit?
    • But before that let us understand what rapid antibody testing kit tell?
    • Why is it important to know this?


    How long does SARS­CoV­2 stay potent?

    With a nascent virus, SARS­CoV­2, causing a global pandemic, the scramble has been, so far, and will be for a time to come, to understand the virus.

    • While it belongs to the coronavirus family — variants of which cause the common cold — scientists and healthcare workers are trying to fathom the nature of the virus, its behaviour and patterns, and gain familiarity with the pathogen, hoping that it will give them a better handle on this pandemic.
    • What guides our understanding of viability?
    • What is the solution?
    • Is there something that people can do themselves?


    Coronavirus: TCS uses AI for drug discovery

    Scientists from TCS Innovation Labs in Hyderabad are harnessing the power of artificial intelligence (AI) to identify new molecules which might have the potential to target specific parts of the novel coronavirus (SARS­CoV­2).

    • Using new methods, they have identified 31 candidate small molecules, which may serve as inhibitors of the chymotrypsin­like protease, one of the key drug targets in the fight against COVID­19
    • Use of AI in different fields
    • Healthcare
    • Agriculture
    • Smart Cities
    • Education and Skilling
    • Smart Mobility, including Transports and Logistics
    • Barriers which needs to be addressed as suggested by AI


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