08 Apr, 2020

  • Gagnyaan Mission (Science and Technology) (Amid Lockdown in Russia, Gaganyaan trainees healthy)
  • Bhilwara Model of containment (Disaster Management) (A Script of action, responsibility and compassion: Edit)
  • Cytokine Response and Cytokine Storm (Science and Technology) (India lifts ban on Hydroxychloroquine )
  • 10 questions posed by the virus (Editorial) (Polity and Governance)
  • Genome Sequencing- (Science and Technology) (Two CSIR labs start virus sequencing)
  • Summary for Prelims
  • Interactive way of solving prelims questions

Prelims Quiz


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    Amid Lock down in Russia, gaganyaan trainee healthy

    About Gaganyaan

    Components of Gaganyaan

    • Rocket: GSLV Mk-III
    • Crew Module
    • Crew Module Atmospheric Re-entry technology - CARE
    • Crew Escape System - PAT
    • Environmental Control & Life Support System ECLSS
    • Chandrayaan-3


    Bhilwara model of containment

    After initial outbreak of Covid-19 in Bhilwara, Rajasthan local administration came up with a massive plan of containment. It yielded results in a short span of 15 days.

    In this article we are going to understand this plan and what lessons the nation can draw in its fight against Covid.

    Rajasthan fights back

    • The Corona Containment Programme in Rajasthan has been the most intense and proactive.

    Steps taken by Rajasthan:

    • The Triple-T method, i.e. ‘Tracing, Testing and Treatment’ was made mandatory.
    • Social security measures


    India lifts ban on export of hydroxychloroquine

    India on Tuesday announced that it had rescinded its earlier ban on the export of malaria drug hydroxychloroquine (HCQ), which is now being used in countries such as the U.S. as a possible line of treatment for COVID­19.

    What is Hydroxychloroquine (HCQ)?

    Cytokine Response and Cytokine Storm


    Ten Questions posed by the virus

    COVID-19 Pandemic has posed several questions which were considered resolved by the end of last century. The pandemic has changed the way we live and look into various aspects of life including our society, polity and economy. Let us go through the view point of the author on these challenging questions which may change the way we have lived so far.       

    1. Whose death is acceptable?
    2. What is national power?
    3. How will the nature of globalisation change post pandemic?
    4. How much more power will the state accumulate?
    5.  Will this expanding state be increasingly democratic or progressively authoritarian? 
    6. What will happen to neoliberal wisdom – competition of all and against all improves efficiency and brings progress?
    7. What will happen to populism?
    8. Will the inhuman exploitation of labourers in India and abroad change?
    9. How will the pandemic affect our travelling?
    10. How our idea of community and boundaries has changed?


    Two CSIR labs start virus sequencing

    India has shared nine whole genome sequences of the novel coronavirus (SARS­CoV­2) with the Global Initiative on Sharing All Influenza Data (GISAID) — a public platform started by the WHO in 2008 for countries to share genome sequences. 

    • Why is genome sequencing so important?
    • How do you sequence a genome?
    • Approaches to cutting the genome and putting it back together again.
      • Clone-by-Clone Approach
      • Whole-genome shotgun method
    • What is GISAID (Global Initiative on Sharing All Influenza Data)?

    Nikhiil Kumar 1 year ago

    HCQ in case of COVID-19 only helps by minimising the cytokine response. But in case of diseases like malaria or lupus dose its function differs (like attacking the pathogen), or is the drug only to minimise the immune overdrive?

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