09 Apr, 2020

  • Financing the pandemic rescue package (Polity & Governance) (Mobilisation of resources)
  • Needed, greater decentralisation of power (Polity & Governance) (Indian Federalism)
  • Importance of soft power is increasing globally (International Relation) (Soft power diplomacy)
  • It's time for the Red Berets (International Relation) (Important International Organisations)
  • Mains Answer Value Addition
  • Prelims Summary
  • Question of the day (Polity & Governance)

Prelims Quiz


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    Importance of soft power is increasing globally

    In the backdrop of 70th anniversary of ICCR the importance of India’s soft power is highlighted particularly in the current context of COVID 19 spread as a pharma of the world.

    • What is soft power?
    • How successful is India’s Policy of being a Soft Power?
    • What is ICCR?


    It’s time for the Red Berets

    The widescale spread of the COVID 19 pandemic has brought back the importance of global governance institutions and consequently the role of UN Security Council to peace and security in the world. Accordingly the author in this article urges the formation of ‘Red Berets’ akin to ‘Blue Berets’ as the UN Peacekeeping Forces are often called.

    • Chapter VII of UN Charter
    • Plan of Action
    • Why is it necessary to have Red Berets?


    Financing the pandemic rescue package

    The Rs 1.70 Lakh Crore relief package puts a huge pressure on government coffers with only Rs 60,000 crores available under State Disaster Response fund. The article explores innovative ways to raise the remaining money given the weaker macro-economic conditions in Indian economy today.

    • Issue of GDP-Linked Bonds
    • Monetization of Non-core Assets of PSUs.
    • Tapping into Excess Liquidity of PSUs.


    Needed, greater decentralisation of power

    The nature of Indian federalism is tilted towards centre as it is witnessed even while strategizing for issues arising out of COVID 19 pandemic. The author argues more power should be given to the states to handle the pandemic.

    • Federal features of Indian constitution



    Krishna chand 1 year ago

    What is this?are you teaching or passing time.

    yuwraj singh sikarwar 1 year ago

    very nice explaination sir, and at last part , explaination of value addition  material for both mains and prelims had helped in revision in same video , thanks 


    Tejeswara Rao Suvvari 1 year ago

    Excellent sir

    Amit Sable 1 year ago


    The new way of giving the summary of the entire lecture at the end and giving more questions for practice on a different platform really helps.


    Vaishnavi H P 1 year ago

    Can someone explain how option 1 of question 4 is incorrect? Because in the explanation too, it is said that UN charter upholds human rights...

    saurabh kumar singh 1 year ago

    Request you to use simple English unlike what has been used in Title 3 - Indian Federalism. Contents should be easily appreciated by the student with average hold on the language. Rest all articles are good except the third one where in most of the time was wasted in referring to dictionaries only.

    Shaziya jan 1 year ago

    Thanku so much sir .

    Mohd Ashad Qureshi 1 year ago


    k vikas 1 year ago

    For Financing the pandemic rescue package
    GDP linked bond will not be a good option because the whole world's economy is under stress which might not fetch desirable returns.
    * Monetization of assets of the companies might not not fetch reasonable returns due to worldwide crash of Stock exchanges and stocks of PSU's in India are undervalued at the moment. 
    * Tapping excessive liquidity of PSU's would restrict their growth for the future projects like acquisition, Expansion & R&D.

    Rather utilizing the Provident fund's (which are due for maturity at later date) available with the Provident fund Managers could be a good option.

    Thanks a lot 

    jitender kumar 1 year ago

    thnku very much sirrr