10 Apr, 2020

  • India - Gulf Economic ties (Economy) (Impact of falling crude oil Prices India -Gulf economic ties)
  • COVID Outbreak and Globalization (Economy) (Impact of COVID outbreak on the Course of Globalisation)
  • Long Term Repo Operation (Economy) (Monetary policy tool of RBI)
  • Plasma Therapy (Science) (treatment of COVID-19 Patients)
  • Prelims Revision
  • Question of the day (IR)

Prelims Quiz


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    A double whammy for India-Gulf economic ties

    India - Gulf Economic ties

    • The Gulf region is at the epicentre of a perfect storm: apart from the COVID-19 pandemic, it also has an oil price meltdown.
    • India’s vital relations with the eight Gulf countries, the situation’s impact on bilateral economic ties needs to be managed.
    • India’s economic ties with the Gulf states have two dominant verticals: the economic symbiosis and India’s expatriate
    • Economic relations:
    • Impact on Expatriates
    • Search for New drivers


    RBI gets ₹1.13 lakh cr. bids in targeted LTRO

    • The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) on Thursday said it had received ₹1.13 lakh crore worth of bids in the targeted long-term repo operation (LTRO) conducted for an amount of ₹25,000 crore with a three-year tenor.
    • The RBI received 18 bids in the auction. The total bids received amounted to ₹1.13 lakh crore, implying a bid to cover ratio — the amount of bids received relative to the notified amount — of 4.5, the RBI said in a release.
    • What is Repo rate?
    • What is Long Term Repo Operations (LTRO)?
    • Need for Carrying out the Long-Term Repo Operations (LTROs)


    Will COVID-19 affect the course of globalization?


    • The article is an excerpt from an interview with senior officials of UNESCAP related to the impact of COVID 19 pandemic on globalization. The important issues are picked from the article and presented in the following format
    1. Impact
    • On world trade
    • On movement of labour
    • On Asia Pacific Region
    1. Relevance of trade agreements including bilateral and multilateral including WTO
    • In focus: Impact of COVID 19 on globalization
      • Impact on world trade
      • Impact on movement of labour
      • Impact on Asia Pacific
      • Relevance of WTO


    Kerala gets nod for trial of plasma therapy

    • With Kerala Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan making it clear that the State would explore all available treatment options for COVID¬19, the State has gone a step ahead and won the Indian Council of Medical Research’s approval to explore the feasibility of administering convalescent plasma transfusion on critically ill patients.
    • What is this Therapy?
    • How does it work?



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