11 Apr, 2020

  • Moratorium on repayment puts NBFCs in a spot (What is NBFC and how they work?) (Economy)
  • Sanitation Tunnel (Bad effects of sanitation tunnel & Sodium Hypochlorite) (Science)
  • Passing of Shanti Hiranand, the Begum Akhtar era is formally over (Thumri, Dadra and Ghazal Indian Art & Culture) (History & Culture)
  • Saudi Russia want oil cuts finalized at G-20 talks (OPEC & OPEC+ Oil Prices) (International Relations)
  • Lives and livelihood (Editorial) Reference

Prelims Quiz


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    Moratorium on repayment puts NBFCs in a spot

    • Non-banking financial companies (NBFCs) may face a tough time following the Reserve Bank of India’s recent directive on providing a moratorium on repayment.
    • A sector which was already reeling under IL&FS and DHFL crises has been presented with another major challenge and this may be more pernicious.
    • Before understanding the crises, let us first understand what and NBFC is?
    • What an NBFC is?
    • So how do NBFC’s operate?
    • What is the reason behind such a crises?
    • What does the data suggests?
    • So do these NBFCs have other sources of funding which can allow them to sail through this crisis:
    • What about the Long-term repo operations (TLTRO) which RBI recently carried out:


    Tentative deal

    • Basics
    • Global oil supply
    • In focus: OPEC+ Deal
    • Geopolitics of Oil Price
    • Sanitization Tunnel 


    Shanti Hiranand

    • Thumri
    • Dadra
    • Ghazal


    Saudi, Russia want oil cuts finalised at G20 talks 

    • The price war between Saudi and Russia as a part of OPEC+ group has come to an end with both countries agreeing to cut down oil production to stabilize the international oil price which is at a 30-year low currently.
    • The lockdowns and consequent travel restrictions has resulted in excess oil production of 14.7 million barrels/day in the second quarter of 2020 which has resulted in collapse of oil prices to a 30-year low.
    • The price of Brent Crude (international benchmark of crude oil price) is hovering around $30/barrel.
    • The latest meeting of the OPEC+ in Vienna had led to failure of the deal with Russia declining to sign the deal.




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