23 Apr, 2020

  • Sugarcane Pricing Policy (Economy) a) WTO sugarcane pricing Issue b) Liquidity crisis in Sugarcane Sector (Various issues related to the Sugarcane sector)
  • Global Remittances- World bank (Economy)- (Slowing of Global Remittances and its impact on India)
  • 100% Quota for tribal teachers (Polity ) - (Supreme Court Judgement on the Issue)
  • Independence of Judiciary - Reference (Polity)
  • Question of the day (Economy)

Prelims Quiz


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    Preretirement judgement and postretirement jobs

    Context: The article highlights that government must enact a law either through constitutional amendment or through enacting legislation by Parliament to prohibit future appointments of Judges after their retirement as it undermine confidence in the judiciary and in constitutional democracy. So, in the above context, you must understand about Independence of Judiciary and also why appointment of Judges after retirement by the government can not only be detrimental to Judicial Independence in the future but also lays a precedence for future Retired Judges to further dilute the separation between Judiciary and the Executive. The Appointment of former of CJI as Governor and Member of Rajya Sabha also violates Judicial Ethics Charter which was adopted the Supreme Court in May 1997.  

    • Independence of Judiciary
    • Judicial Ethics Charter
    • Involvement of CJI in Important Judgments for the Government
    • Offer of Rajya Sabha Seat raises suspicion


    No 100% quota for tribal teachers


    A five-judge Constitution Bench of the Supreme Court held it unconstitutional to provide 100% reservation for tribal teachers in schools located in Scheduled Areas across the country.

    • What is the reason behind the SC judgment?
    • Supreme Court observations


    Centre, state can fix sugarcane price


    Reference – DNS dated 03-03-19 (‘Soft loans to sugar mills poll sop’)


    • Reason for liquidity crisis in sugar mill industry
    • Steps taken by the government to improve liquidity of sugar mills


    Global remittance will see a sharp fall


    The World Bank has recently released a report titled as “Migration and Development Brief”. This report is prepared by Global Knowledge Partnership on Migration and Development (KNOMAD), an initiative of World Bank.

    This report provides updates on global trends in migration and remittances. Further, the report provides a prognosis of how the events related to COVID-19 might affect global trends in international economic migration and remittances in 2020 and 2021.

    • Impact of COVID-19 on International Migrants:
    • Impact of low- and middle-income countries:
    • Higher dependence on Remittances:
    • Slower Progress in Sustainable Development Goals
    • Why is it a cause of concern for India?
    • About Global Knowledge Partnership on Migration and Development (KNOMAD)

    Md Ayaz Ahmed 1 year ago

    nice explanation sir

    Muskan Arya 1 year ago


    Answer for question for the day 22/4/2020 should be c) Both 1 & 2

    (The Prelims Quiz for the given date also says so.)

    Anjali 1 year ago