25 Apr, 2020

  • PM's help sought to bring bodies from GCC nations (International Relation) (Gulf Cooperation Council, its members)
  • We will build ties in the neighborhood: Taliban (International Relation) (Negotiation between Taliban & Afghanistan govt. Implications for India)
  • No plan to ease fiscal deficit targets (Indian Economy) (Escape Clause â FRBM Act)
  • Troughs and crest in the pandemic response - Lead Article (International Relation) (International collaboration to tackle COVID-19)
  • Wildlife Board nod for mining in Assam Elephant Reserve (Environment) (National Board for Wildlife, Elephant Reserves, Project Elephant)
  • Reference - No 100% Quota - Editorial â (Polity and Governance) (Special Provision of Indian Constitution - Article 371-371J)
  • Prelims Summary for the day
  • Question of the day (World Map)

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    PM’s help sought to bring bodies from GCC nations


    • Chief Minister of Kerala has sought intervention of Prime Minister Narendra Modi for the return of the remains of Keralites who died in the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) countries due to reasons other than COVID-19. GCC countries need clearance certificate by Indian Embassies to the local authorities in these countries as a precursor to allowing the return of the mortal remains.
    • About GCC
    • Unique features of GCC
    • Objectives for the existence of GCC


    We will build ties in the neighbourhood: Taliban


    • The spoke person of Taliban said that they would like to build ties with all neighbouring countries, including India. He also claimed that if Taliban comes back to power, it will also enact a law against foreign terror groups conducting operations against any other country
    • Background into the US-Taliban Peace Deal.
    • Issues plaguing the Peace Deal
    • Why this positive indication from the Taliban?
    • Implications of such statement on India


    No plan to ease fiscal deficit targets


    • Despite the strain on government finances due to the COVID-19 pandemic, there is no credible proposal to amend the legislation meant to control the fiscal deficit, Chairman of the 15th Finance Commission N.K. Singh said.
    • The government was currently looking to see how to ameliorate economic hardship while staying within the broad framework of the existing law.
    • Provisions of FRBM Act 2003.


    Troughs and crests in the pandemic response 

    • Context:
      • This article highlights that despite knowing about the lethality of COVID-19 Virus, there has been a governance failure to tackle its containment nationally as well as internationally.
    • The Known Three Phases in tackling COVID-19 according to the Authors are:
      • 1st Phase
      • 2nd Phase
      • 3rd Phase
    • Despite these known phases, there have been failures by governments to implement them in right earnest. Let us go through the reasons highlighted by the Author:
      • Failure to collaborate internationally
      • Government strategy in such crisis needs political will and legitimate Leadership
      • State should not leave public health services solely in private hands


    Wildlife Board nod for mining in Assam elephant reserve



    • Amid the countrywide lockdown, the National Board for Wildlife (NBWL) has recommended coal mining in a part of an elephant reserve in Assam.
    • The NBWL’s Standing Committee had on April 7 discussed a proposal for use of 98.59 hectares of land from the Saleki proposed reserve forest land for a coal mining project by North-Easter Coal Field (NECF), a unit of Coal India Limited.
    • Since Elephant is a key jungle species, it is important for us to understand how is it being protected in the country right now.
    • So in this regard we will discus Indian actions as well an initiative of CITES which are important from the perspective of UPSC examination.
    • Elephant in Indian conservation scheme:
    • What Is Project Elephant?
    • Elephant – The National Heritage Animal
    • Elephant Reserves In India
    • MIKE Programme (CITES program)



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