27 Apr, 2020

  • CERT-In to conduct security audit of COVID-19 data (Polity & Governance) - (Data Security)
  • At the edge of a new nuclear arms race (International Relation) - (Nuclear arms race)
  • Immunocompromised (Science & Technology) - (Immune System
  • CM asks people of all faiths to donate plasma (Science & Technology) (Plasma therapy)
  • Prelims Summary
  • Question of the Day

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    CERT-In to conduct security audit of COVID-19 data


    Kerala government has decided to carry out a security audit by CERT­-In, the nodal agency responsi­ble for dealing with cyber se­curity threats, of the various data collected by govern­ment departments and agencies related to COVID­19. The agency will have to exe­cute the security audit of the data stored in the Amazon cloud platform in line with the guidelines of the govern­ment. 

    • Issues involved in the Sprinklr controversy




    Human bodies are equipped with an immune system that fights infection as it produces chemicals and releases cells called macrophages that swallow these foreign organisms. But every person does not have a strong immune system and such people’s immune system is vulnerable to infection or disease. Such people are referred as immunocompromised in this news. In this regard, let us understand about our immune system, how does it works and how the human body fights back when it encounters any foreign body capable of causing disease.   


    • What decreases immunity in a person?
    • Importance of Immune System
    • Types of Immunity
    • Innate immunity consists of four types of barriers
    • Acquired Immunity
    • Active & Passive Immunity
    • Auto-Immune Disease
    • How does the immune system respond to a coronavirus attack?
    • Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome


    At the edge of a new nuclear arms race


    Recently a report issued by the United States State Depart­ment on “Adherence to and Compliance with Arms Control, Non-proliferation, and Disarma­ment Agreements and Commit­ments (Compliance Report)” raised concerns that China might be conducting nuclear tests with low yields at its Lop Nur test site, in violation of its Comprehensive Nuclear­ Test ­Ban Treaty (CTBT) undertakings.


    • Comprehensive Nuclear-Test–Ban Treaty (CTBT)
    • Signs of Nuclear arms race


    Prelims Summary


    • Exercise Pitch Black 
    • Atal Innovation Mission
    • Yemen
    • Sixth Schedule

    Bibek Kumar 7 months ago

    Sir, please make a pdf covering all the relevant dimensions related to Covid19 till now or at least before prelims. It will be very helpful.

    thank you

    MRITUNJAY RAI 7 months ago