30 Apr, 2020

  • Study on China dams bring Brahmaputra into focus (International Relation) (India and China and control over rivers)
  • By any calculus, India qualifies for UNSC permanent seat (International Relation)- (Security Council Seat for India)
  • Afghan peace and India's elbow room (International Relations) (India Afghanistan Relations)
  • A greater impact on women (Social Issues) (COVID and Women)
  • Prelims Pointers
  • Question of the day (Polity & Governance)

Prelims Quiz


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    Study on China dams brings the Brahmaputra into focus

    • Context:
      • A new study has come out which has highlighted the impact of China’s dams on the Mekong river has raised fresh questions on whether dams being built on other rivers that originate in China, such as the Brahmaputra, may similarly impact countries downstream.
    • In this regard we will understand the following:
      • Chinese dams on Brahmaputra and its implications on India
      • Geographical overview to brahmaputra river
      • Riparian cotenstations
      • Importance of tibet
      • Chinese projects
        • China completed the zangmu dam built
      • Indian concerns
      • Indian strength


    By any calculus, India qualifies for UNSC permanent seat


    • Syed Akbaruddin who has been India’s Permanent Representative to the United Nations since many years, is about to retire.
    • The article has made reference to UNSC and India’s case for a permanent membership.
    • Now this is one issue which keeps on coming back in current affairs and also from the perspective of UPSC examination, this is an important topic.
      • Especially given when India is due for election to the temporary membership of the UN Security Council later this year, for the 2021-22 period.
    • So this discussion will have two parts:
      • Prelims focused: what and how of UNSC.
        • What is UNSC?
        • What is the Security Council’s structure?
        • So how are non-permanent members elected?
        • Is there anything interesting about the way it holds its meetings?
      • Mains focused: why India’s case for PM is a sound one
        • What are the Security Council’s mechanisms which should be kept in mind for exam?
        • So, on what basis does India claims permanent position at UNSC?



    Afghan peace and India’s elbow room


    • UN Secretariat held a “6+2+1” meeting on regional efforts to support peace in Afghanistan.
    • 6 neighbours of Afghanistan (China, Iran, Pakistan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, and Uzbekistan), 2 global players (the USA and Russia) and 1 (Afghanistan) attended the meeting.
    • Absence of India from this meeting is a blow to India’s efforts to bring peace in the civil war-torn Afghanistan and also to its role in being the leader in the South Asia.
    • So this discussion is going to be around the following issues:
      • Why India was not invited in the meeting?
      • So, where we stand today?
      • Why is it a bad situation for India?
      • What India should do now?



    A greater impact on women

    • Context:
      • The pandemic of COVID -19 is exposing inequalities of all kinds, including gender inequality.
    • So in this discussion we are going to understand:
      • How pandemics lead to greater impact on women
      • Steps to be taken
      • Women and faster recovery from the pandemic



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