07 May, 2020

  • Resuscitating Multilateralism with India's help - Lead Article (International Relations) (Multilateral System, Global Supply Chain, Globalisation)
  • A war like state and a bond to the rescue Article (Economy) (About Consol Bond, Issued in war like situation)
  • Rent control amidst pandemic - Article (Polity & Governance) \ (Model Tenancy Act, 2019, Housing for All by 2022)
  • Pigs die of suspected Hog Cholera in Meghalaya (Science & Technology) (Hog Cholera - Classical swine Fever - & African Swine Fever, Disease caused by virus)
  • Summary for Prelims
  • Question for the day

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    Resuscitating multilateralism with India's help

    How can India play a crucial role in the emerging multilateralism


    • The article explains as to how India can revive multilateralism in the world which is at its weakest in present times especially due to corona virus.
    • So in this discussion we are going to understand:
      • What do we mean by Multilateralism?
      • What is Global Supply Chain?
      • How has globalization nurtured and impacted Multilateralism?
      • Understanding Globalization
      • Nurturing
      • Corona Virus has heightened crisis of Multilateralism
      • Weaponization of Multilateral System – Capturing Global Supply Chain
      • China’s Threats
      • Lessons for other nations including India
      • How do we Reform Multilateralism?
      • How can India play the Leadership Role in strengthening Multilateralism?
      • India stands to gain as an alternative for China
      • India can play a Major Role at Multilateral Forum


    A war like state and a bond to rescue

     Exploring a less used mechanism to finance the COvid-19 pandemic


    • Recently, the Union Finance Minister has announcedRs 1.70 Lakh Crore relief package under Pradhan Mantri Garib Kalyan Yojana for the poor to help them fight the battle against Corona Virus.
    • However, the fiscal stimulus provided by the Government is hardly around 1% of India's GDP which is insufficient.
    • In this regard, this article highlights that since we are waging a war against Virus, we need to look at war-time methods of raising finances. One such innovative method of financing is consol bonds
    • understanding consol bonds
    • what are consol bonds?
    • when will the bonds be redeemed?
    • what are the benefits and risks for investors?
    • Examples of consol bonds issued in past
    • How issuance of consol bonds would benefit India?
    • way forward


    Rent control amidst pandemic

    Issues arising out of Tenancy laws in India


    • Considering the distressing situation caused due to corona virus, landlords have been asked not to take rent at least for two months especially for the poor migrant families who do not have other housing options or savings.
    • Government, civil society, academia, and migrants themselves are urging landlords to stop evictions as it would exacerbate the pandemic.
    • The government as of now is using Disaster Management Act, 2005 to excuse rent and stop eviction. The focus must shift from DMA to Rent Control Acts to regulate rental housing.
    • This is where Model Tenancy Act, 2019, could be useful as it regulates rental housing market.
    • In this discussion we will understand:
      • Draft model tenancy act
      • Purpose of the Act
      • Housing for All by 2022
      • Important Features of the Act
      • Drawbacks of Model Tenancy Act


    Pigs die of suspected hog cholera in Meghalaya


    • Pigs die of suspected hog cholera in Meghalaya
    • Suspected hog cholera has killed at least a dozen pigs across two districts of Meghalaya.
    • We will understand the basic information regarding this disease.

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    I like this initiative of daily news discussion with prelims questions.. I enjoyed doing this.. I got 100%.. I am happy and optimistic about my CSE preparation. 

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    The map of China shows the disputed region of J & K as part of China which is actually an integral part of India. Request RAU's Team to avoid using such maps which promulgates the unauthorized claims of Chinese Govt.