09 May, 2020

  • Green tribunal directs LG Polymers to deposit 50 cr (Polity and Governance) (Compensation for damage to life, property and environment)
  • Contempt for labour (Polity and Governance) (Labour Rights)
  • Shaping Indias response in a global hinge moment (International Relation) (India Geo-strategy in Indo-pacific region)
  • Prelims Summary
  • Question of the Day

Prelims Quiz


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    Green tribunal directs LG Polymers to deposit 50 cr + NGT cites archaic law in gas leak case


    The National Green Tribunal (NGT) on Friday directed LG Polymers India to deposit an initial amount of 50 crore for the damage caused by the gas leak at its plant in Vishak­hapatnam, which left at least 11 people dead and a affected several others. 


    • About the styrene gas
    • Supreme court judgement on hazardous leakage of hazardous gas


    Contempt for labour + Eight political parties pan dilution of labour laws 

    Madhya Pradesh has embarked on a plan to give a boost to business and industry by allowing units to be operated without many of the requirements of the Factories Act — working hours may extend to 12 hours, instead of eight.

    • Labour laws


    Shaping India’s response in a global hinge moment

    The current global scenario

    How should India choose to respond to China.


    • Withdrawal of USA from global affairs due to “America First
    • Expansion of China
    • What should be India’s response to the new situation?
    • How to tackle the “Chinese Dragon”



    Summary for prelims

    • $500 Million Loan from AIIB – 
    • GCC attempt to limit outbreak 
    • India-Japan
    • Vande Bharat Mission’ 
    • C. Mehta v. Union of India
    • Polystyrene plastic

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