10 May, 2020

  • Government Borrowings (Economy) (Central government borrowings)
  • Inter State Migrant Worker Act (Economy) (labour laws )
  • PM CARES - Concerns (Economy) (Issues surrounding PM CARES FUND)
  • Prelims perspective
  • a. Lipu Lekh Pass
  • b. Sal Forest tortoise
  • Question for the day

Prelims Quiz


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    The Union Budget 2020-21 had targeted the Fiscal Deficit of the Government at 3.5% of India’s GDP in the Financial Year 2020-21. In terms of absolute value, it was around Rs 7.8 lakh crores. The Outbreak of COVID-19 has led to large scale decline in the revenue receipts of the Government. At the same, there is a need to announce higher financial package to provide fiscal stimulus measures.

    • large scale decline in the revenue receipts
    • need to announce higher financial package
    • What are the major Sources of Borrowing for the Centre?
    • Treasury Bills
    • Dated Securities
    • Ways and Means Advances
    • Sovereign Gold Bonds
    • Bank Recapitalization Bonds
    • Securities issued against NSSF
    • Sources of Deficit Financing



    The unprecedented distress and misery faced by migrant workers due to the current lockdown has raised question about their welfare and the lack of legal protection for their rights. The current situation has drawn attention to a beneficial legislation dedicated to the welfare of migrant workers.

    • Lack of welfare & legal protection of migrant workers
    • The Inter-State Migrant Workmen (Regulation of Employment and Conditions of Service) Act, 1979
    • Ignoring Rights of Migrant Workers
    • Lapse in implementing the Act
    • Occupational Safety, Health and Working Conditions Code, 2019



    This Article explains the difference between PM-CARES & PMNRF and their salient features

    • Who may contribute to the PM-CARES fund?
    • Prime Minister’s National Relief Fund (PMNRF)
    • Some of the concerns surrounding the PM CARES fund



    Nepal strongly objected to the new link road from India to China which was inaugurated. The link road is being constructed through the Lipu lekh pass. Nepal claims that this road passes through its territory and this move of Government of India goes against the 2014 Agreement between Indian and Nepal.

    • Objection of Nepal
    • Link Road from India to China
    • Lipu Lekh Pass
    • Uttarakhand’s Pithoragarh district



    The Sal forest tortoise is widely distributed over eastern and northern India and Southeast Asia. The Sal forest tortoise is heavily hunted for food and collected both for local use, such as decorative masks, and international wildlife trade.

    • Geographical Range
    • IUCN Status
    • Found in India

    Akshay Singh 6 months ago

    1 is wrong, Lipulekh is in Uttrakhand

    Aman Raj Sinha 6 months ago

    question 1 answer is wrong, LipuLekh Pass is in uttrakhand

    Sai Sravan N 6 months ago

    please provide notes in pdf formant , not in word format


    Raveendra T 6 months ago

    Answer for one should be 'C'

    Mansi Mohan Thakur 6 months ago

    There is a mismatch between the question of the day answer in the quiz and DNS. Please check and confirm.


    Aishani Mullick 6 months ago

    Lipu Lekh is in Uttarakhand.. why is the answer saying option 1 in question 1 is correct? 

    Shivam Aditya 6 months ago

    Answer for question 1 is wrong as Lipu Lekh pass is in Uttrakhand. Please don't provide wrong answers as it will be detrimental for students.  

    Amit Sable 6 months ago

    Question 3 : Option 2 -  Donations made to  this fund would be counted against a company’s corporate social responsibility (CSR) obligations.


    Here the word against in English dictionary actually means 

    in opposition to.
    "the fight against crime"
    So it means it wont be counted in the CSR 
    Please clarify?

    Ram Kumar Kulriya 6 months ago

    Answer for 1 is C.

    Anurag Ray 6 months ago

    @amit sable ...true indeed!!

    mihir shukla 6 months ago

    First answer is wrong


    Dharmendra Kumar 6 months ago

    Question no 1 ans is wrong as lipulekh pass is in uttarakhand only

    Simarpreet Singh 6 months ago

    Pls correct mistakes in Q1 and previous day question in your dns video

    ARVIND KUMAR YADAV 6 months ago

    question no 1 and question no 3 are wrong

    Vishal Gohil 6 months ago

    Please update the answer in first question of the quiz.

    vishal jakhad 4 months ago

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