11 May, 2020

  • Norms issued for restart of industrial units (Disaster Management) (Norms for industrial re-opening, Important highlights of Disaster Management Act)
  • Trends shaping the post-COVID-19 World - Lead Article - Lead Article (International Relations) (Changing Global Order, Emergence of Strong China, Retreat of US)
  • NIV develops tests to detect Antibodies (Science & Technology) (ELISA Test for Coronavirus, Antibody test)
  • Tying up with Todas to keep the virus at bay (Science & Technology) (Toda Artisans, Nilgiris, PVTG-Tamil Nadu)
  • Venture Capital Fund for scheduled Castes and Backward Classes (Social Issues) (Venture Capital Fund for SC/OBC promotes entrepreneurship)
  • Summary for Prelims
  • Question for the day

Prelims Quiz


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    Norms issued for restart of industrial units

    The National Disaster Management Authority (NDMA) has issued a series of guidelines to all the states and Union Territories for restarting manufacturing industries after the lockdown period. Certain economic activities have already been allowed on gradual lifting of restrictions in some zones.

    • National Disaster Management Authority has issued guidelines under the following Rules
    • Need for a Gradual Start
    • Specifics of the Guidelines
    • Storage & Manufacturing Process
    • Guidelines for Workers


    Trends shaping post-COVID-19 world

    The author highlights the Global (dis)order that has unfolded due to the COVID-19 Pandemic. The outbreak has aggravated the new geopolitical trendlines which were already slowly building up. These trendlines are reflected in the rising Asian power and decreasing US power, the issues building up inside the EU, the rise of China and falling effectiveness of the international organizations like the UN etc.

    • Rising Asia
    • Issues in European Union
    • Falling US power
    • Rising China
    • Falling effectiveness of the international organizations
    • Energy Politics


    NIV develops test to detect Antibodies

    National Institute of Virology (NIV) has developed an immunological assay — enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA) — to detect antibodies that the body develops in response to infection by the SARS-CoV-2 novel coronavirus. [ELISA is routinely used for detecting HIV infection.]

    • Advantages of the ELISA test for Coronavirus
    • Limitation of ELISA test


    Tying up with Todas to keep the virus at bay

    As the COVID-19 outbreak continues to sweep across the country, traditional tribal artisans from the Nilgiris are producing masks with exquisite embroidery to help people ward off the infection. The cloth masks, are embroidered with intricate Toda designs, and sold for around Rs 225 each.

    • Basics of Toda tribe for Prelims Exam


    Venture Capital Fund for SC/OBS

    The Ministry of Social Justice & Empowerment had launched on 16.01.2015 the Venture Capital Fund for Scheduled Castes.

    • Venture Capital Fund for SC/OBC
    • The objectives of the Scheme are as below

    Sai Sravan N 1 year ago

    please attach pdf file instead of word for notes


    Prince 1 year ago

    There is no match between the question no. 3rd  and answer Please clear that between antigen and antibody because answer is just different from the question asking

    Jitendra Panigrahy 1 year ago

    Answer For Question No - 3 is incorrect. It detects Antibodies, Not Antigens.

    HIMANSHU TIWARI 1 year ago

    q2 answer should be 1 only bcz it is in 6th schedule not 5th schedule


    Bibin Lukose 1 year ago

    Q3:Detection of antibodies and not novel coronavirus

    Sushmita Garai Singh 1 year ago

    in Q3 elisa test detects antibodies and not antigens

    Md Ayaz Ahmed 1 year ago

    dont get confused about question 2 and 3 ...they are asking incorrect .....