14 May, 2020

  • Major stimulus package for MSMEs (Economy)
  • Nature of Package offered by the government (Economy)
  • Collateral free automatic loans for standard MSMEs (Economy)
  • Subordinate debt for stressed MSMEs (Economy)
  • Fund of funds for MSMEs (Economy)
  • Special liquidity fund for MSMEs (Economy)
  • Partial credit guarantee scheme for NBFCs (Economy)
  • Liquidity for DISCOMs and Relief for real estate (Economy)
  • TDS and TCS relief (Economy)
  • Huge Loss for 21 major states (Economy)
  • Integrated battle groups (Internal Security)
  • Question of the day (Internal Security)

Prelims Quiz


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    Liquidity lifeline 

    Major stimulus Package for MSMEs 

    • Highlights of the first tranche of Economic measures announced by Finance minister.
    • Recently, Prime Minister Modi gave a clarion call for Aatmanirbhar Bharat or Self-Reliant India movement in response to economic hardship created by COVID-19 pandemic.
    • The five pillars of the Self-Reliant India movement are - Economy, Infrastructure, System, Vibrant Demography and Demand.
    • Accordingly, he had highlighted that the Government would be coming out with a Special economic and comprehensive package of Rs 20 lakh crores - equivalent to 10% of India’s GDP. This package includes the earlier packages announced by the Government i.e. PM Garib Kalyan Yojana and various steps taken by the RBI to inject liquidity into the economy.
    • So the discussion will tread along the following contour:
      • Broad Contours of the package
      • Economic Package for the MSMEs
        • Collateral Free Automatic Loans for the Standard MSMEs
        • Subordinate Debt for Stressed MSMEs
        • Equity infusion through MSME Fund of Funds
        • New Definition of MSME
        • Preference to MSMEs for Government tenders
      • Previous Announcement under Pradhan Mantri Garib Kalyan Package (PMGKP)
      • EPF Contribution to be reduced for Employers and Employees for 3 months
      • Partial credit guarantee Scheme 2.0 – Expansion of existing Scheme to cover liabilities of NBFCs and HFCs
      • Liquidity Injection for DISCOMs
      • Relief to Contractors

    Huge loss for 21 major states (Page number 09)

    • Impact of lockdown on revenues of the states
    • A recent estimates by India Ratings and Research (Fitch Group), the lockdown has caused 21 major States to suffer a collective revenue loss of about ₹97,100 crore for the month of April alone.
    • Both Union and State governments are struggling due to the dried-up cash inflow; but, the problems of States are more precarious because the actual battle against the COVID-19 and the associated expenditure being incurred by them.
    • So we will understand:
      • Why is situation worse for states?
      • But, they have seen a dramatic decline (expected) in their incomes during lockdowns.
      • How have states revenues dried?
      • Which of the states will be Most adversely impacted:
      • Will this mean that revenues for the sates will be dismal 0?
      • Discriminations against states:

    Integrated Battle Groups will soon be operational (Page Number 11)

    Understand the purpose behind creation of Integrated battle group

    • The Indian Army’s Integrated Battle Groups (IBGs), meant to ensure faster punitive and defensive operations, will come into being by mid of 2020.
    • The Army is awaiting a report on the recent IBG-styled exercise carried out by the Mountain Strike Corps in Arunachal Pradesh.
    • The concept of IBGs has also been test-bedded at the 9 Corps at the western border with Pakistan, and the Army is fine-tuning them based on ground feedback.
    • We understand the following:
      • Gaps found in recent experiment
      • The signals corps of the Indian Army is responsible for all military communications.
      • What are IBGs?
      • Resources
      • Composition

    RISHI JETHI 6 months ago

    Q2. Which of the following is included in the Aatmanirbhar Bharat Abhiyaan?

    ANS: ALL of the Above?

    Khushboo 6 months ago

    What are the benefits of Fund of Funds? 

    Prachi Jain 6 months ago

    Q-2. Ans should be D i.e. all of the above

    Bhuvan Rohatgi 6 months ago

    Why, in Q2, Options 3 and 4 are not marked as correct? Any specific reason 

    Ritika Gupta 6 months ago

    Same Q 2 why not (d) option? 

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    dear rau's 

    why so many mistakes on this platform? 

    when it was on youtube everything was fine but, here on website even if we found any mistake there is no one to rectify this. 

    fellow aspirant keep commenting this is wrong or this is right but, i can see no response from your team.

    we trust you , dont do such mistakes please or atleast do check it if anything goes wrong. 


    grammar ke lite maafi.

    Dharmendra Kumar 6 months ago

    Qn 2 ans should be all of the above