20 May, 2020

  • Behind new incidents, a changed dynamic along India-China Border (International Relations) (India China Relations)
  • Hotter oceans spawn super cyclones (Geography) (Cyclones)
  • A callous response (Social Issues) (Migrants and Governance)
  • A good year for Olive Ridley turtles (Reference)(Environment)
  • Prelims Practice
  • Question of the day (Olive Ridley)

Prelims Quiz


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    Behind new incidents, a changed dynamic along India-China Border

    Indian and Chinese troops have been involved in as many as four incidents in recent weeks along the undefined LAC. Flashpoints primarily occurred in Galwan Valley in the western sector and Demchok in Ladakh.

    • India - China Boundary Dispute
    • History of boundary formation
    • Western sector
    • Eastern sector: McMahon Line
    • Middle sector: Settled
    • Initiatives to resolve border issues:
    • Conclusion

    Hotter Oceans spawn super cyclones

    The storm system in the Bay of Bengal, Amphan, developed into a super cyclone on Monday and is expected to make landfall along the West Bengal-Bangladesh coast today, according to the India Meteorological Department.

    • Reason for increased frequency of Tropical cyclones in Bay of Bengal
    • Conditions that lead to the formation of Cyclone
    • Reasons behind warming of Bay of Bengal


    A callous response

    The article highlights the apathy of the central and state governments towards workers in the informal sector especially the migrant worker who has lost their job and is travelling back home on foot in the current economic crisis caused due to novel coronavirus epidemic.   

    • What is the problem?
    • Social Apathy and Inhuman treatment for such Migrants by the Centre
    • Laws not enough to protect Migrants
    • Way Forward


    The Changing Nature of China’s Diplomacy

    Currently Unilateralism and a one-size-fits-all approach have replaced the Zhou and Deng strategy of persuasion and compromise.


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