21 May, 2020

  • Defense Policy reforms - Analysis (Security) (Defence reforms under COVID economic stimulus)
  • Comparison of Economic Vision of India and China (International Relations) (Issues in India’s economic Vision)
  • Locust attack (Environment) (Impact on Biodiversity)
  • India - China Boundary issue - revision (International Relations) (Boundary issues between India and China)
  • Question for the day (Geography)

Prelims Quiz


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    Grasping the defense self-reliance nettle

    • The measure taken by the government in defense sector as a part of PM economic relief package.
    • As a part of 4th tranche of economic package under Atmanirbhar Bharat Abhiyaan, the government has pushed for long-pending changes in the defence sector including
      • Indigenization and thus promoting self reliance
      • Liberalization
      • Structural changes in defence production shifting the focus from aspiration-based procurement to requirement-based procurement.
    • This article is an attempt to deconstruct major policy changes in the defence sector and their possible impact.
      • Major Policy reforms in Defence Sector
        • Promoting Self-Reliance
          • Its likely Impact
        • Liberalization of Defense Sector
          • Its likely Impact
        • Way forward


    China better prepared for post Covid world

    • Critical analysis of Economic relief package announces by the Govt.
    • Context:
    • The author has highlighted that the COVID pandemic is having a deep impact on the economy of the India.
    • In this regard the economic measures are that have been announced are non coherent and are likely to give a limited boost to the economy. 
    • The stimulus package has been termed as a panic reaction to an increasingly difficult situation rather than a deliberate plan of action.
    • How china is Setting standards
      • Usage of Internet of Things (IIoT)
      • Internationalization of Chinese standards
    • Challenges for India


    Locusts cross Thar deserts to invade 16 districts in Rajasthan

    • Attacks of locusts in western parts of the country
    • Gigantic swarms of locusts have descended on parts of Gujarat and Rajasthan destroying crops
    • We are going to learn about:
      • Locusts
      • Locust Plagues
      • Steps to arrest


    China accuses India of trespass, LAC heats up

    • Many instances of minor scuffles along India-China border have emerged.
    • In this regard, we will revise India-China dispute with special reference to
    • India - China Boundary Dispute
      • History of boundary formation
      • On the western sector
        • Western sector i.e. Aksai Chin Sector
        • Historical context
      • Eastern sector: McMahon Line
        • Background
        • A missed opportunity in History
      • Middle sector: Settled
    • Initiatives to resolve border issues:
      • Confidence Building Measures (CBMs)
      • 21st Special Representative Meeting: key take a ways

    Satyajeet Singh 1 year ago

    sir i have doubt in second question locusts are originated from horn of africa as you said in dns  then how second statement is incorrect?

    Akash Jindal 1 year ago

    Exactly. Locus originated in Africa. Please recheck the answer of the DNS quiz

    ADITYA SAXENA 1 year ago

    i think in second question the answer should be (c)

    Simarpreet Singh 1 year ago

    Locust originate in africa as mentioned by mangal sir

    Ritika Gupta 1 year ago

    Same Q. 2 ....why 2nd statement is incorrect ?

    Vishal Gohil 1 year ago

    Same doubt with question number 2

    Vipul Kumar 1 year ago

    Dear sir, kindly clarify regarding q's no 2.

    Dharmendra Kumar 1 year ago

    Lucust attack question ans is doubt ful....plz clearify it

    Raviraj Awasthi 1 year ago

    as mentioned in the DNS, locust storms originate in the horn of africa.  then how is answer to question 2 (a)??

    sristi sarika 1 year ago

    Doubt in 2nd question, locusts originates in Africa , how is it incorrect?