24 May, 2020

  • Belt and Road Initiative - (international Initiative) (China suggests shift in BRI approach amid debt concern)
  • Heat Waves- (Geography, Environment) (Heat wave conditions prevail in Odisha)
  • Phase 1 trial: Adenovirus COVID-19 vaccine found safe
  • Reference (International Relations and Internal Security)
  • QOD

Prelims Quiz


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    China suggests shift in BRI approach amid debt concerns

    • Need of BRI
    • What all will be done under BRI?
    • The six economic corridors of the BRI
    • Assessment of BRI


    Heatwave condition prevail in Odisha 

    • Heat Wave concept
    • The Indian Meteorological Department (IMD) has given the following criteria for Heat Waves
    • What are favourable conditions for Heat wave?
    • Health Impacts of Heat Waves


    Phase-1 trial: Adenovirus COVID-19 vaccine found safe, induces immune responses

    • Recombinant vaccine
    • Spike glycoprotein
    • T-cell responses
    • Phagocytosis

    Sourav Saha 1 year ago

    Disaster management act is enacted by entry 23 of concurrent list or entry 97 of union list.... please clarify... As in a previous DNA video, Faizan sir, told it was done by invoking entry 97 (residuary powers)

    Arun Kumar Rajendran 1 year ago

    In previous DNS video dated may 13 ,2020 stated that Disaster management act was enacted by invoking entry 97 in union list(residuary power). is that one correct or not?. Sir, please clarify that statement.