25 May, 2020

  • For farms and farmers (Problems in Minimum Support Price) (Economy)
  • Hardly the 1991 moment for agriculture (Agriculture Marketing Reforms) (Economy)
  • The need for a million worksites now (MGNREGA and Migrants) (Social Issue)
  • Howrah's botanical garden now a graveyard of 1,000 trees (Jagdish Chandra Bose Botanical Garden)
  • Failing to perform as a constitutional court (Supreme Court & Migrant Crisis) (Polity and Governance)
  • Fresh leaks of personal details detected on dark web (Reference-1)
  • Prelims Summary
  • Question of the day

Prelims Quiz


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    Hardly the 1991 moment for agriculture

    • Declaration of MSP
    • How are the MSPs fixed?
    • Limitations in the MSP Regime
    • Way Forward


    For farms and farmers

    This article argues that the Government must realize that reforming APMCs is only a small aspect of agriculture marketing. There are other aspects of agricultural marketing such as density of agriculture markets, strong and efficient procurement system, world- class infrastructure of APMCs, enhancing the private sector investment etc. which are as important as APMC reforms itself.

    • Expectations of the government v/s ground realities
    • Agricultural Marketing Reforms so far
    • Have these Reforms benefitted the farmers??
    • What should be done then?


    The need for a million worksites now  

    The financial distress caused by the economic lockdown particularly to the poorer sections has increased the demand for MGNREGA work to unprecedented levels and thus elicits a clarion call to revamp the MGNREGA workflow including allocation methodology, scope and payment mechanism in order to be effective. The article lists down these steps that could help reduce the hardships caused due to the lockdown as highlighted by a number of surveys.

    • Rise in demand of MGNREGA Work
    • Issues with MGNREGA
    • Steps to revamp MGNREGA Workflow


    Howrah’s botanical garden now a graveyard of 1000 trees


    Failing to perform as a constitutional court

    According to author, Supreme Court has failed to satisfactorily acknowledge that the fundamental rights of migrant labourers have been violated, and ignored these workers when they most needed protection.

    • Worrisome steps taken by SC
    • Why is that a problem?

    Ring Baliyan 6 months ago

    In prelims Quiz question 1 the explanation and answer is quite dicey please clarify. It should be both 1 and 2 

    PANKAJ KANATHE 6 months ago

    Please clarify statement 1 of question 1.

    Md Ayaz Ahmed 6 months ago

    plz clarify question 1

    Bhoomika Puchakayala 6 months ago

    According to explanation, Answer should be Both...
    If not plz clarify statement 1...

    Harjit singh 6 months ago

    Questions 1 dout 😁

    Bhoomika Srivastava 6 months ago

    Question 1 - Please clarify 

    Vipul Kumar 6 months ago

    As like others, same doubt in question 1. Kindly clarify sir.

    Indla Tejo 6 months ago

    1 question reference please ☺️

    annie 6 months ago

    Question 1 clarification please

    Umang Singh 6 months ago

    Please clarify explanation of Q.1 

    Simarpreet Singh 6 months ago

    Dark web ( dark net) is a small part of deep web. Then why answer is not C ?

    MRITUNJAY RAI 6 months ago


    shweta patil 6 months ago

    sir hope u all are safe 
    in question no.2 
    1 statement is cost of labour  but in msp it only family labour not hired labour 
    sir please clarify it 

    vishal jakhad 4 months ago

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