26 May, 2020

  • Criminal Defamation- (Polity and Governance) Batting for free speech (Editorial)
  • A well balanced stimulus package (Editorial) - (Economy)
  • Moving Beyond Geopolitics (Editorial) - (international Relations)
  • Guru Arjan Dev JI - (Art and Culture)
  • Purandardas - (Art and Culture)
  • China Warns US of retaliation over Hong Kong Law
  • Question of the Day

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    Battling for free speech 

    Madras High court has given stern observations regarding misuse of defamation in India

    • What is defamation all about?
    • Sections 499 and 500 OF IPC
    • Should defamation remain a criminal offence?


    A well balanced stimulus package

    The Government has announced the total economic stimulus package of Rs 20 lakh crores. However, some of the economists have pointed out that the total fiscal support extended by the Government amounts to mere Rs 1 lakh crores (less than 1% of GDP).

    • Concerns with the Economic Package
    • Economic Package- More on monetary side rather than Fiscal Policy side
    • Why is it considered to be a problem?
    • Economic Package- More on Supply Side rather than Demand side


    Moving beyond Geopolitics  

    In the post ­COVID world, countries and tech giants should be obligated to share data in the larger interest of mankind

    • So, what is the importance of data in fighting covid-19?
    • But, will it not bring the issue of privacy into the discussion?
    • Are we not doing injustice to people by not sharing data in a timely fashion merely due to geopolitical reasons?
    • Data in the post-COVID world


    Guru Arjun Dev

    414th martyrdom anniversary

    • About Guru Arjun Dev
    • Contribution
    • Martyrdom
    • Sikhism: Background
    • Main idea

    Karthika Nair 1 year ago

    Sir, one clarification - Article 19(2) of the constitution which lays down the reasonable restrictions to Article 19 speaks about defamation of the government or state?