29 May, 2020

  • Working with China to resolve LAC issue - (International Relation) (Peaceful Settlement of Border dispute based on 5 Past Agreements)
  • From a stand-off to a stalemate - Article - (Security) (Different areas which saw Chinese Aggression in the past)
  • Beijing's Ladakh Brinkmanship - Article (International Relation) (US-China Relationship, US-India-China Geo-politics, South China Sea)
  • For a reset in India-Nepal relationship - Lead Article - (International Relation) (Sagauli Treaty, Origin of Kali River, India-Nepal boundary dispute)
  • i) Export Blocks - Editorial ii) FDI rises 13% to $50 bn iii) Scrapping of RBI Bonds (Export amid COVID, Rise in FDI, RBI Bonds) (Economy)
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    Working with China to resolve LAC issue

    Ministry of External Affairs statement on India-China stand off

    • Amidst India-China border dispute along Galwan Valley Region, Ministry of External Affairs has said that both sides are engaged through military and diplomatic channels in Delhi and Beijing and at the Line of Actual Control (LAC) in order to resolve the situation along the boundaries in Ladakh and Sikkim.
    • The discussion will tread along:
      • Highlights by MEA
      • Statement of MEA
      • Confidence Building Measures (CBMs)


    From a standoff to a stalemate

    Recent India-China Stand off and various related perspectives.

    • China is aware that pushing India into military conflict will further tilt India towards United States and this might go against the Chinese interest and power balance of dominance in the region. So, the stand-off in Ladakh is likely to be resolved peacefully.
    • However, the author highlights that China has a history of changing border lines resulting in border skirmishes and it is a part of their strategy to assert dominance specially when there is global trust deficit due to spread of COVID from Wuhan.
    • So, in this discussion we will understand:
      • Stand-off
      • Stalemate
      • Construction of a road to Daulat Beg Oldie (DBO) in the Galwan Valley
      • Change of Boundary by China
      • Problems with Hotlines


    Beijing’s Ladakh Brinksmanship

    Analysis of Americans offers for mediation

    • but one sign that Beijing is increasingly feeling beleaguered. In response, it has embarked on a strategy of brinkmanship with several goals in mind. 
    • It is important to discuss:
      • Definition:
        • Brinkmanship – (Oxford)
        • Brinkmanship – (Cambridge)
      • Jingoism by China
      • What does US agreeing to mediate India-China dispute shows?
      • Bilateral Ties between US & China
      • South China Sea - Flashpoint


    For a reset in India Nepal relationship

    Recent issues in India-Nepal Relationships.

    • India - Nepal relations have taken a wrong turn because of the territorial dispute over Kalapani close to the Lipu Lekh pass on India-china border. Although it is a long standing dispute and it has a complex historical background, the issue has again resurfaced because of the Nepali Nationalism being exploited by the present PM of Nepal. Without getting into the details of the history of this dispute, let us understand the reasons for resurfacing of this issue and why there is a need for reset in India Nepal relations.
    • The discussion will be about
      • Nepali Nationalism has been gaining currency because of the local politics of Nepal.
      • Need for reset
      • Way forward

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