31 May, 2020

  • Draft e-commerce policy (Why India needs a policy on e-commerce) (Economy)
  • Prelims Perspective (a) Locust attack (b) G-7 countries (c) D10 club
  • US cuts ties with WHO (International Relations)
  • PM CARES fund not under the ambit of RTI act
  • Question for the day (International Relations)

Prelims Quiz


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    Draft e­com policy for comments soon: DPIIT

    The government is planning to bring in an e-commerce law and a sector regulator to effectively deal with all aspects of online retail.

    • We are going to understand e-Commerce Policy and its models
    • What do you mean by E-Commerce?
    • What are the different Models of E-commerce?
      • Market Place Model:
      • Inventory Model:
    • What are the Present guidelines governing Investment in E-Commerce?
    • Why does India need a policy on E-Commerce?
      • Rapid Growth of E-Commerce
      • Lack of Policy Framework to deal with different aspects
      • Unfair competition with Brick-and-Mortar stores
      • playing field due to deep discounting
      • Data
      • Protection and Privacy
      • Promote Make in India


    Why is the locust surge posing a threat to agriculture in India?

    Locusts Attack in India

    • Over the past several weeks, locust attacks emanating from the desert area in Pakistan have struck parts of Rajasthan and Gujarat, causing heavy damage to standing crop.
    • In this discussion we are going to understand the following:
      • What are Locusts?
      • What is swarming phenomenon?
      • What are locust attacks and how are they caused?
      • Is the difference in environmental condition also reflected on their morphology?
      • How do these locusts harm agriculture?


    Merkel not to attend G7 meet in U.S.

    Recently, Angela Merkel has refused to join G-& meetings

    • So in this discussion we are going to understand:
      • Meeting of G-7 and genesis of new organization
      • What is the G7?
      • D10" club


    Trump cuts ties with WHO as COVID­19 grips Latin America

    • Understanding the issues faced by the WHO amid pandemic
    • WHO is facing allegations over its alleged mismanagement of Wuhan virus. So what are those allegations
    • Unprecedent disease:
    • Dominance of Global powers in WHO functioning
    • Blame lies in the way Chinese state operates:
    • The manner of election of WHO head:
    • WHO relies on data submitted by the member countries:
    • What are some tangible reforms that India should push for at the WHO?


    PM CARES not within the ambit of RTI Act: PMO (Page Number 07)

    PMO has recently said that PM-CARES fund is out of RTI

    • Who may contribute to the PM-CARES fund?
    • Prime Minister’s National Relief Fund (PMNRF)
    • Some of the concerns surrounding the PM CARES fund



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    Can someone help me in understanding, what are implications being faced by the govt in disclosing the PMCARES info?

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