02 June, 2020

  • Cabinet committee okays 50,000 cr. infusion for MSMEs (Indian Economy)
  • Can allow non-profit organisations to list on 'social stock exchanges - (Indian Economy)
  • Google rejects Australia's call for payout (Indian Economy)
  • A new architecture in quake - prone areas (Physical Geography)
  • Prelims Summary
  • Question of the Day

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    Cabinet committee okays 50,000 cr. infusion for MSMEs

    Decisions announced include ₹50,000 crore equity infusion for MSMEs to help them enhance capac­ity, while also encouraging them to get listed.

    Stressed companies to get ₹20,000 crore support for unsecured loans.

    Definition of micro, small and medium enterprises expanded to increase its ambit;

    Export revenue to be excluded while calculating the turnover

    • Key announcements
    • Some Important recent initiatives for MSME
    • Significance of MSMEs


    Can allow non-­profit organisations to list on 'social stock exchanges’        

    In the Union Budget 2020-21, the Finance Minister had proposed to establish Electronic platform- Social Stock Exchange (SSE) to enable social enterprises such as NGOs to raise capital to meet their social cause. 

    • Rationale for setting up of SSE in India
    • How can the organisations raise capital through SSE? 
    • Other important Recommendations


    Google rejects Australia’s call for payout

    Rejecting the anti-trust regulation imposed by Australian government, Google has refused to share the revenue associated with news-based advertising with the local new agencies in Australia

    • Free Market Economy
    • Antitrust Regulations
    • Anti-trust regulations of Big Tech
    • Recent cases
    • Anti-trust law in India
    • Competition Act, 2002: Main Provisions


    A new architecture in quake­ prone areas

    • What is an earthquake?
    • Earthquake prediction


    Prelims Summary

    • New Definition of MSME
    • Section 8 Companies 
    • Anti-trust law in India
    • Minimum support price
    • Kharif and Rabi crops
    • COVID-19 strikes Bru refugee camp in Tripura

    Vipul Kumar 9 months ago

    Dear sir, I have some confusion regarding Bru refugees. As you said in today's DNS is GoI would be given aid to help these refugees for their settlement & rehabilitation back to the Mizoram under 4 corner agreement, but sir in prelims compass of Indian Polity section, it is mentioned in Tripura. Kindly clarify it please.

    Md Ayaz Ahmed 9 months ago

    great sir \\

    SOURAV SAHAY 9 months ago

    @rauias A small clarification needed on leverage ratio for fund if funds. in 14th may dns is just the opposite of today's. 
    In 14th may video, for ratio 1:2, govt through SIDBI was contributing to AIF twice that of the investment made by the company itself. 
    In today's DNS, for ratio 1:4, other investors to AIF total investment amount has to be 4 times the govt contribution to AIF through SIDBI. 

    Which explanation is correct? Please clarify as it was a major recommendation of UK Sinha committee which makes it all the more important for exam. 

    Sandeep Kumar Sahu 9 months ago

    sir who would be the custodian of Alternate Investment Fund ??

    Pinki vyas 9 months ago

    The leverage ratio is 1:4 as per new announcement and said by sir also 

    Pinki vyas 9 months ago

    Refugees settlement by GoI

    Supriya majumdar 9 months ago

    Sir what is meant by saying new MSME classification has same parameter for service and manufacturing as earlier. .  

    Ritika Gupta 9 months ago

    Way of revision is remarkable! 

    MRITUNJAY RAI 8 months ago