06 June, 2020

  • India, China hold talks, agree to resolve differences peacefully - (International Relation)
  • A right time to shift pharma gears - Article - (Social Issues)
  • Ahead of vote for UNSC seat, India launches campaign brochure - (International Relation)
  • RBI creates Rs. 500 funds, to boost payment infra - (Economy)
  • Summary for Prelims
  • Question for the day

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    India, China hold talks, agree to resolve differences peacefully

    Understanding the historical context into India-China Land Boundary dispute which makes it easy to understand the recent scuffle between Indian and China

    • So in this discussion you can expect to learn:
      • India - China Boundary Dispute
      • Western sector : Johnson and McDonald line
      • Eastern sector: McMahon Line
      • Shimla agreement of 1914:
      • Recent standoff – Galwan Valley


    A right time to shift pharma gears

    • As per the latest National Health Accounts (NHA) 2016-17, the out of pocket expenditure (OoPE) as a percentage of total health expenditure is quite higher at around 58%. Most of this expenditure is mainly incurred due to the higher prices of Pharmaceutical drugs. The affordability of life-saving medicines is quite critical in a country like India where almost 22% of population live below poverty line.
    • Watch this section to understand:
      • Problems with the current R&D ecosystem for the Drugs
      • Steps taken by the Government to promote affordable medicines
      • What should be done at the International level to ensure affordable medicines.


    Ahead of vote for UNSC seat, India launches campaign brochure

    • India is about to become non-permanent member of United Nations Security Council as the elections are about to take place on 17th June in UN Headquarters. So, far India is the sole contender for Asia-Pacific Region. India needs two-third member of General Assembly to vote for India from the Asia-Pacific Region but given rising tension with China and Pakistan and with OIC countries, getting all the votes seems difficult.
    • Understanding the context of election to Non-Permanent position in UNSC
      • Areas of Focus for India
      • Functions & Powers of UNSC: Composition of UNSC:


    RBI creates ₹500 cr. Fund to boost payment

    • The Reserve Bank announces creation of a Payments Infrastructure Development Fund (PIDF) to encourage acquirers to deploy Points of Sale (PoS) infrastructure (both physical and digital modes) in tier-3 to tier-6 centres and north eastern states.
    • So in this discuss we are going to understand this Payment Infrastructure from the perspective of Prelims examination.

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