07 June, 2020

  • Gross Value Added numbers and the Economy (Economy)
  • Deep Sea Microplastics (Env)
  • Suspend imports of Rubber : UIPSA (Economy)
  • Serotonin triggers desert locusts swarm (Science)
  • Figuring out COVID 19 terminologies (Science)
  • Questions for the day

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    The National Statistical Office (NSO) has recently released the provisional estimates of GDP growth rate for the financial year 2019-20. As per this estimate, the Real GDP growth rate is only around 4.2%, which is considered to be lowest in the last 11 years. Similarly, the Nominal GDP growth rate has also reduced from 11% (2018-19) to 7.2% (2019-20). Further, it has also come out with the data related to GVA at basic prices for the different sectors in the economy for the first three quarters. Now, this data about the first 3 quarters is based upon the updated information available with the NSO.

    • National Statistical Office (NSO)
    • Data related to GVA at basic prices
    • Gross Domestic Product- Real GDP and Nominal GDP
    • GDP at Factor Cost
    • Approaches to measure GDP
    • Understanding the Gross Value Added(GVA)
    • Relationship between GDP and GVA
    • Changes in the GDP calculation methodology in 2015



    Although microplastics are known to pervade the global seafloor, the processes that control their dispersal and concentration in the deep sea remain largely unknown. A recent publication in “Science” has come out with a research which shows that thermo haline driven currents, which build extensive seafloor sediment accumulations, can control the distribution of microplastics and create hotspots with the highest concentrations reported for any seafloor setting (190 pieces per 50 grams).

    • What are Micro Plastics?
    • what this study wants to say:
    • How is this research significant?
    • What causes micro-beads to spread
    • Circulation of Ocean Currents



    United Planters’ Association of Southern India (UPASI) has asked the government to suspend the import of natural rubber for 2 years. It has also recommended the Government to impose safeguard duty on imports for 3 years once the suspension on imports is revoked.

    • Importance of Natural Rubber
    • India's Rubber Production
    • Legal and Institutional Framework
    • Strengths and Challenges of Indian Rubber Sector
    • Broad Contours of National Rubber Policy 2019



    The author highlights that more than finding new ways of killing locusts, there is need to research why these locusts gather in swarms to attack crops. In this context the author has mentioned about the problem of locusts as an ancient problems which needs to be studied in a different way based on a research paper published in 2009.   

    • Locusts Problems is not a local problem
    • More Research Required on the gathering of Locusts into Swarms
    • Spraying Serotonin Inhibitor Molecules

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    Very Very effective, concept-hitting discussion by Mam.

    Anshul 8 months ago

    Very Very effective, concept-hitting discussion by Mam.