11 June, 2020

  • Border Adjustment Tax (Economy)
  • G7 Grouping - Need for a New Institution (International Relations)
  • IBC Code - Analysis (Economy)
  • Health Care in India- Issues (Social Issues)
  • Import of Exotic Species (Environment)
  • Gir Lions (Environment)
  • Question for the day (Environment)

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    Border adjustment tax will help local players

    Recently, a member of NITI Aayog has favoured imposing a border adjustment tax (BAT) on imports in order create a level-playing field between imported and domestic Goods. So, let's understand as to what exactly is BAT and what is the rationale behind imposition

    • We are going to understand
      • What is Border Adjustment Tax (BAT)
      • Rationale behind the Introduction of BAT
      • What is the status of the Border Adjustment Tax proposal?
      • Will a Border Adjustment Tax be WTO compatible?


    An unravelling of the Group of Seven

    The next G7 summit, has been postponed by the host, U.S. President Donald Trump. While postponing the summit Donald trump called for expanding the G7 grouping to a G11 grouping

    • So we will discuss
      • Changing Economic Situation
      • Limitations of G7
      • Why we need a new institution


    The fault in our drafts

    • Cconcerns with respect to crucial changes introduced under the Insolvency and Bankruptcy code (IBC)
      • This article raises certain concerns with respect to crucial changes introduced under the Insolvency and Bankruptcy code (IBC) for the benefit of the MSMEs which have been impacted due to COVID-19.
    • So you can expect to learn the following about the changes:
      • New Announcement:
      • Increase in threshold for invoking IBC for the Corporate
      • Special insolvency resolution framework for MSMEs
      • Halt on IBC Proceedings:
      • Concerns raised in the article
      • One Size Fits all approach
      • Against the Interests of MSMEs



    Needed, a transfusion for public health care

    Issues and concerns regarding Pandemic

    • The author touches on two important question –
      • The reason for this abundance of private health care is obviously the lack of adequate public health care.
      • What can be done?
    • A case study
      • Whether such exorbitant rates are justified during a pandemic?


    New guidelines for import of exotic species

    The Ministry of Environment Forest and Climate Change (MOEFCC) has issued an advisory saying people importing “exotic live species” will have to make a voluntary disclosure.

    • The move comes as the outbreak of COVID-19 has raised global concern about illegal wildlife trade and zoonotic diseases
    • So we will learn
      • How is Exotic Live species defined?
      • Two conditions needs to be satisfied:
      • Has anything changed regarding the imports?


    Article 6 - Gujarat’s pride grows as it now hosts 674 Gir lions

    Increased population of lions in Gir

    About Gir Lions


    Aman Raj Sinha 8 months ago

    The answer for the question of the day dated 10-06-2020 is wrong as - All states have not constituted the State Security Commission & Center has not constituted National Security Commission yet, so the correct option for the question of the day dated 10-06-2020 should be option D i.e., none of the above

    mihir shukla 8 months ago

    For question 3 it is written cheetah but not African or Asiatic then how can cheetah as a generic term be critically endangered?

    FAIZAN AHMED 8 months ago

    pygmy hog as per latest assessment is ENDANGERED as per 2016 survey.


    Sourav Saha 8 months ago

    Pygmy Hog's status is endangered as per IUCN....Please correct