16 June, 2020

  • India- China (Lead Article) - (International Relations)
  • India - West Asia - (International Relations)
  • Models of Development for Indian States (Polity & Governance)
  • COVID Testing - (Science & Technology )
  • Nuclear Arsenal - (International Relations)
  • Van Dhan Yojana - (Social issues)
  • International Atomic Energy Agency - (International relation)
  • Question for the day

Prelims Quiz


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    Remaining non­-aligned is good advice

    Analysis of present geopolitical scenario to understand the reasons for Chinese assertion on the LAC

    • The author says that India needs a deeper analysis of the present geopolitical scenario to understand the reasons for Chinese assertion on the LAC.
    • It further analyses the effect of India's perceptible tilt towards America and how it is related to the present assertion of China on the LAC with India. Finally concludes by saying that India needs to Non aligned to reflect neutrality in its foreign policy and not become part of any coalition that would not be in India’s long-term interest.
    • So in this discussion, we will understand the following:
      • India's tilt towards
      • Bilateral relations are also deteriorating
      • China's Internal Dynamics


    In pandemic crisis, bridging the gulf with West Asia

    Economic relations between Indian and Middle East

    • India - West Asia
    • What steps should be taken?


    Lessons for Yogi from Gandhi and Lee

    In the backdrop of exodus of migrant workers the home governments like Uttar Pradesh have taken a resolve to build a model of development that accommodates all its citizens preventing future migrations from the state.

    • The article provides for a prescription towards that end drawing inspiration from philosophies of development advocated by Asian giants like Mahatma Gandhi and Lee Kuan Yew (founding father of Singapore
    • So in this discussion, we will understand the following:
      • Background: Growth-led development v/s Per-capita led development
      • Singapore Model of Development
      • Lesson for Indian States
      • Lessons from Gandhian Model of development


    ICMR recommends use of faster COVID-19 testing

    as the covid station in our country worsens rapidly, testing has become the mainstay in fight against it.

    • The trouble is that we our testing rates are lowest across the word.
    • One of the reasons is expensive and time consuming confirmatory test RT PCR.
    • But yesterday, The Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) has recommended the use of Standard Q COVID-19 Ag antigen detection test in containment zones and healthcare settings in combination with the RT-PCR test.
    • So from the perspective of Prelims examination, it is important to cover
      • Various tests
      • Their advantages and disadvantages
      • Anti-Body Test
      • RT-PCR


    India, China nuclear arsenals grow

    • SIPRI report about nuclear arsenals in South Asia
    • As per the latest report by Swedish think tank Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIPRI)
    • India's Nuclear triad


    Van Dhan Yojana helps tribals beat odds

    • Significance
      • Basics of Van dhan yojana
    • Van Dhan Yojana
    • Significance


    IAEA begins meet over Iran’s nuclear program

    • Basic information about IAEA
    • International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA)