18 June 2020

  • A.P assembly opposes NPR, NRC - Polity
  • Assessment of OIL well blowout impact begins - Env
  • A presence of equitable and effective care (Article) - Social Issues
  • Multilateralism in post COVID world (Article) - I.R
  • With China, India has to be Aatmanirbhar - I.R
  • History, the stand-off, and policy worth rereading (Article) - I.R
  • Question for the day

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    A.P. Assembly opposes NRC, NPR

    The Andhra Pradesh Assembly has passed a resolution against the National Register of Citizens (NRC) and the National Population Register (NPR) on the ground that some of their clauses were highly objectionable and needed to be set right.

    • Important Highlights about NPR
    • Connection between NPR & Aadhaar
    • NPR, Demographic Details & Problem highlighted by Andhra Govt.
    • NPR Vs Aadhar
    • NPR vs NRC


    Assessment of OIL well blowout impact begins

    A team of The Energy and Research Institute (TERI) and an accredited private agency have begun assessing the impact on the environment around the Baghjan natural gas well that caught fire after a blowout, Oil India Limited (OIL) officials said on Wednesday

    • What is Bio-remediation?
    • ways in which bioremediation is carried out
    • Factors For Effective Microbial Bioremediation


    A prescription of equitable and effective care

    The present health catastrophe caused due to COVID-19 has put severe strain on the Healthcare services and Infrastructure within India.

    • Present Problems associated with Healthcare Sector
    • Understanding PPP in Healthcare
    • How PPP can lead to better Health Outcomes?
    • Constraints/Challenges in PPP for healthcare


    Multilateralism in Post COVID world   

    The COVID-19 outbreak has challenged the working of various multilateral international institutions and brought them under scanner.

    • Will Multilateralism survive in post COVID times?
    • Will multilateralism meander meaninglessly


    History, the stand-off, and policy worth rereading   

    The clashes between India and China along the Ridges(Fingers) around the Pangong Tso lake highlight the need for analysing the Palm and five finger strategy of China and the three pronged approach used by India to counter this strategy in the past

    • Palm and Five finger strategy of China -
    • India’s three pronged strategy


    With China, India will have to be Atmanirbhar

    The recent Galwan Valley incident in Ladakh  is the most serious national security crisis the country has faced since the Kargil War in 1999. It is a game-changer post the idea of ‘Wuhan spirit’

    • Wuhan Spirit
    • bearing on strategic choices of India

    Snehil 8 months ago

    Kindly confirm the answer for Q.3 as the creation of NRC is provisioned by the 2003 Amendment of the Citizenship Act, 1955 and the subsequent insertion of section 14 A mandates the Central Government that it may compulsorily register every citizen of India and issue national identity card to him and the Central Government may maintain a National Register of Indian Citizens and for that purpose establish a National Registration Authority. The answer should be (a).

    Snehil 8 months ago

    The discussion with respect to NRC in the QIP video for Prelims 2020 had also mentioned that the NRC is mandated under Citizenship Act, 1955, amended in 2003.

    Md Ayaz Ahmed 8 months ago

    answer for question 3 will be a

    Vaishali sharma 8 months ago

    Sir i have been following DNS and its quiz from 30 days and it has really increased my knowledge base.... currently i am 1 st year student at Pantnagar University....my first attempt for civil services will be in 2023

    Shivali Gupta 8 months ago

    Q3. Provision is provided under citizenship act. The statement does not ask for such sections.
    Acc. To me answer will be (a).

    Monika Sharma 8 months ago

    "As per section 14A of Citizenship Act 1955, it is compulsory for every citizen of the country to register in the National Register of Indian Citizens (NRIC)"

    This line has been written in pdf provided for today's DNS. As per this, the answer for Q3 should be (a).
    Kindly Clarify.

    Shiva Singh 8 months ago

    Thanks mam

    Kshitish Mishra 8 months ago

    Kindly, paste the table in an editable format instead of picture format in the word document of DNS analysis. 

    Pawan Kumar singh 8 months ago

    It is absolutely true that there is mention of registration of citizens in citizenship act 1955, but NRC that India have made is first of all till now only of Assam that too based on foreigners (tribunal) order 1964. Through the extension of foreigners (tribunal) order 1964 it will be applicable to all India lavel. 

    Umesh Yadav 8 months ago

    Please confirm the ans of Q.3.