20 June, 2020

  • Anti-defection law (Polity)
  • Coal Sector Reforms (Economy)
  • FATF (International relation)
  • Question for the day (Polity)

Prelims Quiz


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    Revolving door

    The Supreme Court in a case relating to disqualification in Manipur Assembly had ruled that the Speaker of the Legislative Assembly while dealing with cases under the Tenth Schedule, is bound to decide disqualification petitions within 3 months. The apex court also called for an independent mechanism including a Permanent Tribunal to decide the disputes under 10th Schedule.

    • Background
    • Basics of Anti defection law


    Gains from coal mine auction uncertain

    The Cabinet has approved to promulgate an ordinance to relax a number of provisions in the Mines and Minerals (Development and Regulation) Act of 1957 (MMDR Act) and the Coal Mines (Special Provisions) Act, 2015 (CMSP Act) in order to revive the investor sentiment in coal mining in India.

    • Present Status of Coal Sector
    • Initiatives taken by the Government so far
    • Various reform measures taken so far:
    • Recent Initiative


    India attends FATF group meet online

    India attended the FATF group meeting online.

    • About FATF 
    • Functions of FATF


    Individual contributions to NDRF get green light from Finance Ministry (Page number 11)        

    The Finance Ministry has given approval to a proposal to allow individuals and institutions to contribute directly to the National Disaster Relief Fund (NDRF) This is a significant development at a time when many have expressed concerns about donations sent to the PM CARES Fund or the Prime Minister’s National Relief Fund, as both claim they are not public authorities subject to questions under  the Right to Information Act

    • About NDRF
    • About PM CARES 
    • Prime Minister’s National Relief Fund (PMNRF)
    • concerns surrounding the PM CARES fund

    Yasasvi Prabhala 8 months ago

    Question No: 3, Corredt Answer is Option 2 ( B ). Pakistan is not a member of the FATF

    AVANEESH KUMAR 8 months ago

    Pakistan is not a member of FATF and hence second option in true.
    Ans should be option B for question no. 3

    Aman Raj Sinha 8 months ago

    Ans for Question no 3 should b option 2, as pakistan is not a member of FATF - correct statement

    Raghu Dev Battula 8 months ago

    Q 3 , Ans : Option 2..... 

    Md Ayaz Ahmed 8 months ago

    question 3 answer will be b

    Dhruv Goud 8 months ago

    Solution to question number 3 is wrong

    Bidipto Sarkar 8 months ago

    Yes, the answer for 3 must be (b) 2 only

    Vikram Mor 8 months ago

    Yes Answer should be B as Pakistan is not a member of FATF

    Raj Nayak Desavath 8 months ago

    Please read question no 3 completely.....

    Mr. RAKESH GANDRA 8 months ago

    sir, please provide ppt slides of video along with pdf document. it is very easy to revise through ppt slides.