21 June, 2020

  • Solar Eclipse (Science and Technology)
  • Single Transferable Vote (FAQ) (Polity and Governance)
  • Who does Galwan Valley belong to? (FAQ) (Internal Security)
  • A Spur in the Grand rivalry (Profiles) (Internal Security)
  • Govt. invites global vessel owners to flag ships in India (Economy)
  • Prelims Pointers
  • QOD

Prelims Quiz


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    Ring of firewill be visible in parts in north India today

     An annular solar eclipse occurred on June 21, 2020.

    • Definition of Solar eclipse
    • Cosmic Coincidence
    • A Celestial Dance - mechanism for solar eclipse
    • Saros cycle


    How are the Rajya Sabha polls different?

    The story so far: Another round of Rajya Sabha elections has been completed. Polls to some seats were postponed in view of the situation caused by the novel coronavirus outbreak. All the 19 seats for which balloting was held had clear winners, but there was a hint of controversy about who ought to have been allowed to vote or barred from voting in Manipur. Such issues arise mainly due to the interpretation of rules and features peculiar to the Rajya Sabha elections. Cross-voting, breach of confidentiality by showing the ballot/vote to a person other than the member’s own party’s agent, and eligibility to vote under certain conditions are common grounds for objections to be raised. There are several features that distinguish elections to the Council of States, or the Upper House of Parliament, from the general elections.

    Rajya Sabha or Council of States is a permanent house with 245 members. It is called permanent house because one third of members retire every 2 years and same number of members are elected. Its members are elected by the Legislative Assembly of States and Union territories by means of Single transferable vote through Proportional representation. It also has 12 members who are nominated by the President of India.

    • Eligibility
    • Procedure of Rajya Sabha Elections
    • State wise division of Rajya Sabha seats


    Who does Galwan Valley belong to?

    • Location of Galwan Valley
    • Source of Galwan river
    • Strategic Importance of Galwan Valley
    • Location of LAC
    • History of Chinese Claims on the valley
    • 1993 Border Peace and Tranquility Agreement (BPTA)


    Galwan Valley | A spur in the grand rivalry

    Traditionally, the Galwan Valley area has been part of the winter trade route that linked Leh with Yarkand and Kashgar across the Karakoram Pass, when frozen rivers allowed caravans to progress towards their destinations. From Leh, the caravans breached the Ladakh range at Chang La pass, reaching Darbuk, Shyok village on their way to the Karakoram Pass via Daulat Beg Oldie (DBO).

    • Galvan valley was the theatre of "The Great Game".
    • China's interest in the region & reason for Chinese Provocation.


    Govt. invites global vessel owners to flag ships in India

    According to the Ministry of Shipping, maritime transport accounts for around 95% of India’s trade by volume. However, the foreign registered ships carry almost 92% of India's cargo. The number of Indian-registered vessels is hardly around 460.

    Thus, India ends up paying more than $ 52 bn on an annual basis to the foreign ships for carrying the freight. Hence, in order to address this problem, the Ministry of Shipping has recently invited global ship owners to flag ships in India.

    • Meaning of Flagging Ships
    • Rationale of Flagging Ships in India
    • Benefits announced for Flagging Ships in India
    • Constraints in flagging Ships in India
    • Other Shipping related terms in news (Important for Prelims)

                         ◦         Cabotage Rules

                         ◦         Right-of-First Refusal 


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