02 July, 2020

  • Striking a blow against Assam's inclusive ethos (Article) (Polity)
  • SBI unit to set up SPV for aiding NBFCs on liquidity (Economy)
  • How not to tame the digital dragon (Article) (Polity)
  • Reforming India's digital policy (Article) (Economy)
  • Police reform and the crucial judicial actor (Article) (Polity)
  • IRDAI forms panel to mull surety bonds (Economy)
  • Ministry reconstitutes Central Zoo Authority (Env)
  • Mamata writes to NITI Aayog on Sundarbans (Env)
  • News Summary
  • Practice Question

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    Striking a blow against Assam’s Inclusive ethos

    • The Assam government recently decided to promulgate a law to make the Assamese language compulsory in all schools, both public and private, including the Kendriya Vidyalayas, from Classes I to X.
    • However, the law will not be applicable in Barak Valley, Bodoland Council and other Sixth Schedule areas, where Bengali, Bodo and other indigenous languages will take precedence.
    • So we will consider Impact on tribal languages


    SBI unit to set up SPV for aiding NBFCs on liquidity 

    • As financial Intermediaries, the NBFCs and HFCs borrow money through the issuance of short-term commercial papers and then the borrowed money is given in the form of loans. Now, the lockdown imposed due to COVID-19 has adversely affected the cash flows to the NBFCs and HFCs. This has made it difficult for them to fulfil their repayment obligations on the commercial papers.
    • So we will learn Steps taken by the government to prevent NBFC defaults. 
      • Special Liquidity Scheme
      • Eligible Beneficiaries (You can leave it out, if you wish)
      • How such a scheme would benefit?


    How not to tame the digital dragon 

    Legal perspectives in recent order of the government to ban 59 Chinese apps


    • Earlier this week, on June 29, a dramatic press release was issued by the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (MEITY) directing a ban on 59 smartphone applications, many of them web services. 
    • This includes TikTok, a popular social media platform; the UC Browser, a preferred web browser for low budget smartphones; and CamScanner, which is used to convert images into shareable documents. 
    • Beyond the geopolitical and economic impact of this ban, a lot questions arise as to the legality of the step and its impact on democratic norms.


      • We will discuss those issues which this notification brings to the fore
      • We will understand why it is important to follow laws 


    Reforming India’s digital policy 


    • This article highlights that Indian Government must soon put in a place a new architecture to provide fillip for digital services. Such an architecture should strike a balance between contrasting objectives such as- Right to Privacy Vs Need to process the data, Need to promote domestic Companies Vs Need to attract more FDI etc. 
    • The Government must also take into account the pros and cons of Data Localisation. Ultimately, the policies have to be formulated in a manner wherein these policies should act as key enabler for India to become $ 5 trillion economy.
    • Or discussion will hover around 
    • Discussion on Personal data protection Bill 


    • New Digital Architecture, Personal Data Protection Bill (PDPB), Data Storage and Data Processing
    • General Personal data
    • Critical personal data
    • Government’s powers
      • Processing of data without consent
      • Proposed Amendments to the IT Act, 2000


    Police reform and the crucial judicial actor 

      • This article is in the context of senseless act of violence committed inside a police station in Thoothukudi in Tamil Nadu which resulted in death of father and son inside the police lockup. So, in such situations of grave state brutalities committed on powerless citizens can only be rectified by judicial intervention. Judiciary becomes a beacon of hope not only for such powerless citizens but also to ensure that justice is delivered. In this aspect the Madurai Bench of Madras High Court has taken notice of the Thoothukudi violence on its own and is “closely” monitoring the situation.


    • Important issues covered in this discussion are 


      • Important decisions of Supreme Court on Police Reforms in the past
      • Joginder Kumar v. State Of U.P and Others – (1994)
      • D.K. Basu v State of West Bengal– (1997) 
      • Impact of the two judgments
      • Prakash Singh Case – 2006
      • Efforts made after Prakash Singh Case
      • Supreme Court in a judgment ordered the setting up of three institutions at the state level:


    IRDAI forms panel to mull surety Bonds 

    • Recently, the Union Ministry of Road Transport and Highways had requested the Insurance regulator, IRDAI to examine the possibility of insurance companies offering Surety Bonds to ensure completion of the highway projects by the Contractors. In this regard, IRDAI has constituted a working group to study the suitability of insurance companies offering surety bonds for contractors.
    • So we have discussed: 
      • Possibility of insurance companies offering Surety Bonds to ensure completion of the highway projects
      • What are Surety Bonds?
      • Working Mechanism of Surety Bonds
      • Benefits


    Discussion from prelims perspective

    • Ministry reconstitutes Central Zoo authority 
    • Mamta Writes to NITI Ayong on Sunderbans
    • Kerala village deploys robot nurses for patient care (Pg 08)
    • Convalescent plasma for those not responding to steroids: govt. (pg 10)
    • West Bank annexation plan set to get delayed: Minister (Pg 14)

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