04 July, 2020

  • Reset rural jobs policies, recognise women's work (Article) (Economy)
  • Not the time to profiteer: NPPA (Economy)
  • Police violence and how some lives do not matter (Article) (Polity)
  • Traffic on roads abutting Nagarahole Park (Env)
  • ICMR looks at vaccine launch by Aug 15 (Science)
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  • Question for the day

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    Reset rural job policies, recognize women’s work

    The Lockdown imposed due to COVID-19 has undoubtedly affected all the sections of the Indian Society. However, we need to carry out gender differentiated impact of the lockdown on the women workforce. In this regard, this article focusses on the following dimensions:

    • Female Work Participation Prior to COVID-19
    • How lockdown has affected Female Work Participation?
    • What kind of Policies should the Government formulate to promote Female Work Participation post COVID-19?

    Female Work Participation Prior to COVID-19 (Highlights from the Economic Survey 2019-20)

    Reasons for decline in Female LFPR

    How lockdown has adversely affected Female Work Participation?


    Not the time to profiteer: NPPA

    • National Pharmaceutical Pricing Authority (NPPA) and its functions
    • About Drugs (Prices Control Order) (DPCO 2013)
    • Regulation of prices of Medical Devices
    • About Pulse Oximeter


    Police violence and how some lives do not matter

    Police records from the year 2000 to 2018 highlights that for recorded 1727 number of deaths in police custody, only 26 police officials have been convicted. In this regard, this article highlights that India should ratify United Nations Convention against Torture (as India is already a signatory) and draft an Anti-Torture law in the country to account for and convict police officials responsible for custodial deaths after proper investigation in all such cases.

    • Contain certain essential elements of a truly comprehensive anti-torture legislation
    • The UN Convention against Torture (UNCAT)
    • Is Custodial Torture a part of our criminal law?
    • India’s attempt to draft Anti-Torture Law


    Traffic on roads abutting Nagarhole Park

    • About Nagarhole National Park


    ICMR looks at vaccine launch by Aug. 15

    • On July 2, Director General of the Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) Dr. Balram Bhargava sent out a letter asking officials at 12 hospitals across the country to expedite the vaccine testing process.
    • In this regard, let us understand
    • The basics about Covaxin
    • Its mechanism
    • Doubts being raised about the premature “Launch Date”
    • What is Covaxin?
    • What is the mechanism of this Vaccine?
    • When does ICMR aim to launch it?
    • Questions that are being raised:

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