10 July, 2020

  • Owning upto criminalisation in politics (Lead Article) (Polity & Governance)
  • Is internet freedom being sacrificed for national security? (Polity & Governance + Security Challenges)
  • Privy Purse: PM's Fresh Move (Archives) (Polity & Governance)
  • Government notifies Draft Rules on Wages Act (Economy)
  • Full play of Internet of Things in design - Telangana Secretariat (Science & Technology)
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    Owning up to criminalization in politics

    The Article highlights that Supreme Court’s February Judgment to prevent criminalisation of politics will be implemented for the upcoming Bihar Assembly Elections. So, let us go through the SC Judgment of February and previous judgments to understand the importance and impact of such judgments.      

    • Concerns expressed by Supreme Court
    • Supreme Court Judgment
    • Backdrop to the present Judgment
    • Important Landmark Judgments to Prevent Criminalisation in Politics
    • 244th Law Commission Recommendations
    • Directions given by Election Commission during 2019 Lok Sabha Elections
    • Impact of Criminalisation of Politics
    • Views Expressed in the Article
    • Conclusion – Idealism v Reality


    Is Internet freedom being sacrificed for national security?

    Centre has power under Section 69A of Information Technology Act, 2000 to block for public access of any information through a computer resource. This also includes Chinese apps banned by Government of India. The Centre’s move to block 59 Chinese apps has brought to the fore the debate on ‘National Security versus Digital Rights’ Question.

    • Section 69A
    • Fundamental Rights


    Privy Purse: P.M.’s Fresh Move

    When India was about to get independent in 1947, there was contradictions among the former Rulers of Indian States whether to join Indian Union, Pakistan or to remain independent. There lied the hope of independence on the lapse of the paramountancy of the British Crown, but independence for the states was neither pragmatic nor it ever became reality. The then Home Minister of India, Sardar Vallabhai Patel and his Secretary V.P. Menon played a big role in persuading the princely states to join Indian Union and in the process an agreement was reached with respect to grant of an “annual fees” to the Ruler of Indian States or successor of such ruler recognised by the President. So, in this analysis, let us understand about Privy Purse and the reasons which led to its abolition in 1971.

    • Why was there a need for such a mechanism?
    • Questions on ‘Privy Purse’
    • Reasons for abolition of ‘privy purse’
    • Important Point for Prelims


    Govt. notifies draft rules on wages Act

    Presently, there are around 44 central laws regulating different aspects of labour such as resolution of industrial disputes, working conditions in factories, and wage and bonus payments. In line with the recommendations of Second National Commission on Labour, the government aims to simplify, rationalize and amalgamate various labour laws into four Labour Codes- Code on Wages; Industrial Relations; Social Security and Occupational Safety, Health and Working Conditions.

    After both the houses of Parliament, the President assented the code in August 2019. Now, the Union Labour and Employment Ministry published the draft rules framed for the implementation of the Code on Wages Act, 2019. The Ministry has sought suggestions from the public for a period of 45 days, based upon which the rules would be finalised.

    • Need for the Code on Wages
    • Important provisions of the Code on Wages
    • How the Code on Wages would benefit?


    Full play of IoT in design of new Telangana Secretariat

    The proposed new Telangana Secretariat complex will see the full play of the Internet of Things (IoT).

    • What is Internet of Things?
    • Applications of internet of things



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    how is Q3 answer is C ? Statement 2 must be wrong. Please clarify raus ias.

    Mohd Imran 7 months ago

    Shreya Singhal vs UoI case
    66A was declared unconstitutional as it had chilling effect. 69A was declared constitutional.

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