22 July, 2020

  • Towards Robust Data Regulation (Non-Personal Data Governance Framework) ( Polity & Governance)
  • The COVID-19 Fiscal Response and India's standing (Indian Economy)
  • The Main planks in countering China Policy (International Relations)
  • Import Slump (Indian Economy)
  • Limited Trade Deal (International Relations)
  • Question for the day

Prelims Quiz


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    Towards robust data regulation

    Government has called suggestions on the recommendations of Kris Gopalakrishnah Committee on legal framework for on personal data

    • Difference between personal and non personal data
    • Need to provide for legal framework for non personal data
    • How harnessing of non personal data lead to socio economic development
    • Broad recommendations of committee


    The COVID 19 fiscal response and India’s standing

    The relief measures do not seem to be commensurate with the economic disruption caused by the lockdown

    • Aatmanirbhar package


    The main planks in counter china policy

    India is standing firm on both sides ensuring complete disengagement of troops along the Line of Actual Control (LAC), while China is laying emphasis on strengthening Confidence Building Measures in the border areas, and proper handling of border issues in a timely manner to “avoid differences becoming disputes”.

    • What could be Chinese motives behind the recent incursions?
    • What India can do to forestall such actions in future


    Import slump

    India’s import has reduced, and India has recorded a trade surplus in June

    • Dimensions of capita account


    Close to limited trade deal with U.S

    • Trade tensions between India- US

    Brinda Dash 7 months ago

    Hi, as I am trying to save/copy the slide images from the notes to my personal notes on Google doc, the images are becoming blurred while zooming in.

    Is there any way to rectify this?

    Manish . 7 months ago

    Thanks sir

    shweta patil 7 months ago

    hello sir hope u all are safe ...
    sir my question was about BOP and consumption expenditure (CE) .
    as u said if imports decline becoz of CE then it is cause of concern but IF the india residents are using local or indigenous GOODS ,like our PM embraced local for vocal then how we can known the CE is shifted to indian brands from imports(foreign Brands)...! 
    FOR EG. 
    1. Growth of GDP= we will know only about production in an economy but not consumption
    2. CPI & WPI = we will know about only price in economy  

    Question: how do we will know about the CE consumption expenditure?