26 July, 2020

  • Cabinet decision binding on Governor - Polity
  • Don't privatize PSBs, cut govt. stake: Marathe - Economy
  • India, U.K. affirm commitment to an FTA - Economy
  • Kashmir saffron now has GI certificate - Science
  • Is SARS-CoV-2 a latent virus which can recur? - Science
  • Sero-survey in Delhi - Science

Prelims Quiz


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    Cabinet decision binding on cabinet

    • Constitutional Position / Relation with Council of Ministers
    • The relation between the governor and his Council of Ministers is similar to that between President and the Union CoM, i.e. he has to act on the aid and advice given by the CoM except in all the cases where the Constitution authorizes the Governor to exercise powers ‘in his discretion’.
    • Discretionary power of the Governor
      • There are also certain implied and situational discretionof the Governor which is similar to that of the President. These are –
      • Appointment of the Chief minister u/a 164(1)
      • Dismissal of Ministry when it cannot prove the majority in the house:
      • Dissolution of the state legislative assembly


    Don’t privatize PCBs, cut govt stake: Marathe

    As part of Aatmanirbhar Bharat Package, the Finance Minister had recently announced that the Government would soon come out with new Public Sector enterprise Policy. Under this policy, the Government would notify certain sectors as "Strategic Sectors". In the strategic sectors, the number of public sector enterprises (PSEs) would be limited to maximum of four, the other PSEs would be privatised/merged/brought under the holding companies.

    • Summary of the Evolution of Government's Banking Policy
      • Phase of Nationalisation (1969-1991):
      • Entry of New Private Banks (NPBs) post 1991 Reforms
      • Consolidation of Public Sector Banks (PSBs):
    • Present Phase
    • Present Status of Public Sector Banks (PSBs) in India
    • Case for Privatisation of Existing Public Sector Banks (PSBs)
      • Improve the overall efficiency of banking Sector
      • Increased Competition leading to development of large-sized banks
      • Previous Experience
      • Leveraging MFIs and NPBs for Social causes
    • Arguments against Privatisation of PSBs
      • Improve the Governance framework of PSBs


    India, UK affirm commitment to an FTA

    India and UK have recently held the virtual meeting of the 14th Joint Economic and Trade Committee meeting. During this interaction, both the countries have affirmed their commitment to signing of Free Trade Agreement. This article is a news in transition since the negotiations have not been launched officially.

    • Let us understand some important aspects of FTA, which would be important from the Prelims perspective.
    • Understanding the Basics of Trade Integration
      • Preferential, Trade Agreement , PTA, Free Trade Agreement (FTA
      • Comprehensive Economic Cooperation Agreement (CECA)/Comprehensive Economic Partnership Agreement (CEPA):
      • Custom Union
      • Common Market
      • Economic Union


    Kashmir Saffron now has GI certificate

    • Saffron cultivation is believed to have been introduced in Kashmir by Central Asian immigrants around the 1st Century BCE.
    • In ancient Sanskrit literature, saffron is referred to as ‘bahukam’.
    • Uniqueness
    • Types
    • What is GI Tag?


    Is SARS-CoV-2 a latent virus which can recur

    Ever since cases of ‘reinfection’ — people who had tested negative for COVID-19 testing positive again after a while — emerged in early January, the question of latency of the SARS-CoV-2 virus is being hotly debated.

    • The first such cases emerged in the east (China, South Korea) where scientists were puzzled over why or how individuals who had tested negative twice for the virus, had, after a few weeks or months, tested positive, the second time around albeit with milder symptoms.
    • So in this discussion we will understand:
      • What is a latent viral infection?
      • Can latent virus go into active phase?
        • With an example?
      • Does SARS-CoV-2 go into latency? What causes second infections?


    Sero-survey in Delhi

    To estimate the extent of infection in the community, scientists at the National Centre for Disease Control (formerly National Institute for Communicable Diseases), a Health Ministry body tasked with monitoring epidemics, conducted a district-wise serological survey across Delhi from June 27 to July 10.

    • Preliminary findings showed that 23.48% of Delhi’s population had been exposed to the virus and that a large number of those infected were asymptomatic.
    • What is a Serological survey?
    • This test is designed to look for the presence of antibodies in a population
    • So when do antibodies start to appear?
    • What are the main findings of the survey?
    • How reliable are serology surveys?



    sivaramakrishnaa 7 months ago

    Q.3 2nd statement----Antibodies can be detected five days after an infection sets--- But there is no surety that it would exactly develop antibodies after 5 days, as in previous dns videos it has been said that it may takes days for some and weeks for others. Sir/Mam correct me if im wrong.