05 August, 2020

  • Language of Unity: Challenges to Three-Language Formula (Polity & Governance)
  • Trump bars H1B Visa holders from Federal Jobs (International Relations)
  • J&K, Ladakh, a year on (Polity & Governance)
  • Alcohol Cess hurting States- Cess Vs Surcharge (Indian Economy)
  • 24 Million may drop out of School due to pandemic: UN (Social Issues)
  • Higher Education Funding Agency (Role and Mandate) and RISE Scheme (Social Issues)
  • Places in news- Beirut (International Relations)
  • Question for the day

Prelims Quiz


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    Opposition to three language formula

    • Discussion on Three Language Formula
    • So in this discussion we :
      • Evolution of 3 language Formula in India
      • Reasons for Failure of 3 Language Formula


    Trump Bars H1-B visa holders from Federal Jobs

    • Will discuss
      • Increasing Importance of H1B Visa for India and USA
      • Why is there a opposition to H1B Visa in USA?
      • How the recent move would have an impact on various Stakeholders?


    J&K, Ladakh, a year on

    • Discussion on Revocation of special status of J and K
    • We will focus on
      • Governments rationale of revocation of special status
      • Steps taken by government to promote development in J and K and Ladakh


    Alcohol cess hurting states

    • This discussion will focus on key differences between Surcharge and Cess


    UN Policy Brief of Impact of CoVID-19 on Education

    • Discussion on UN Policy Brief on Impact of Covid-19
    • We will understand
      • UN Policy Brief on Impact of COvid 19 on Education
      • Recommendation of UN


    JNU gets ₹455.02 cr. from HEFA for new infrastructure

    • Discussion about HEFA


    Places in News: Beirut


    Vinit 6 months ago

    Hi Team,
    Just want to know are you guys gonna issue any publication for additional period added due to delay of Prelims.

    Akash Pandey 6 months ago

    RISE scheme is for private institutions also?