12 August, 2020

  • India's population data and a tale of two projections (Social Development)
  • Aaditya writes to Centre over draft EIA notification (Environment & Ecology)
  • The future of Indian secularism (Indian society)
  • Confidential report on Assam Accord released (Polity & Governance)
  • Question of the day (Environment & Ecology)

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    India’s population data and a tale of two projections

    • As per a new study published in The Lancet (prepared by the Seattle-based Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation) India is destined to be the largest country in the world. Its population will peak by mid-century IHME projects India's population to be 1.61 billion by 2048. (Almost identical to widely-used United Nations projections. The UN projects that India’s population will be 1.64 billion by 2050.
    • The underlying assumptions
    • Declining fertility in India
    • Role of family planning in population control
    • Development and fertility


    Aditya writes to Centre over draft EIA notification

    • India’s new EIA draft has been widely criticized for its problematic changes in rules. It proposes to bolster the government’s discretionary power while limiting public engagement in safeguarding the environment.
    • Background: About Environment Impact Assessment 
    • Issues with the draft EIA Notification 2020


    The future of Indian secularism (Page 06)

    • This Article highlights about the perils of secularism in India in the current political atmosphere where religion-based politics is being practiced. The author has highlighted the present practice as “party-political secularism” which is very different from “constitutional political secularism”. Let us understand the difference between these two phrases as highlighted in this Article and Two Crucial Moves suggested by the Author regarding Reform within the Religion. 
    • Constitutional Secularism
    • Concept of Secularism
    • So, the constitution of India ensures that:
    • Party-political Secularism


    Confidential’ report on Assam Accord released (Page 04)

    • Some members of the Centre’s high-level committee on implementation of Clause 6 of the Assam Accord made their ‘confidential’ report public because of the government’s ‘disinterest’ in processing their recommendations.
    • About Assam Accord:
    • Cause of Agitation
    • What was agreed upon?
    • So what is the fuss all about?

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