19 August, 2020

  • No need to audit PM-CARES: SC (Polity & Governance)
  • SYL issue can disturb nation's security: Punjab CM (Polity & Governance)
  • Time for India and Nepal to make up -Lead Article (International Relations)
  • Aiming to decolonise through colonial logic - Article (Polity & Governance)
  • "No-Go" Forest approved for mining (Environment)
  • Question for the Day

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    No need to audit PM CARES

    The Supreme Court has endorsed the PM CARES Fund as a “public charitable trust” to which donors contribute voluntarily. The Court observed that there is “no occasion” for the Comptroller and Auditor General (CAG) to audit a public charitable trust independent of budgetary support or government money. The court said that it is “not open” for a PIL petitioner to question the “wisdom” that created the fund in an hour of need. So, the Court held that no exception can be taken to the constitution of a public charitable trust, namely, PM CARES Fund.

    • Supreme Court’s Observations on PM-CARES
    • Section 12 of Disaster Management Act, 2005
    • Objectives of PM-CARES
    • Constitution of the Trust
    • Other Important Details


    SYL issue can disturb nation’s security, Amarinder tells Centre

    Punjab Chief Minister Amarinder Singh has asked the Central government to be cautious on the contentious Sutlej-Yamuna Link (SYL) canal issue, which has been the focal point of water sharing dispute between Punjab and Haryana. According to the CM of Punjab, if SYL issue is not settled amicably, then it has the potential to disturb the nation’s security.

    • Meeting as per SC Directive
    • Contention raised by CM of Punjab
    • Need for Tribunal (Punjab) & Construction of Canal (Haryana)
    • What is Sutlej Yamuna Canal (SYL) project?
    • What is the history of animosity between Punjab and Haryana over sharing of water through SYL?
    • What did State of Punjab and State of Haryana plead before the Supreme Court?
    • What did the Supreme Court say?


    Time for India and Nepal to make up

    In the backdrop of declining relationship with Nepal in the last few months, the article mentions that this declining tailspin must be halted so that the most exemplary inter-state relationship of South Asia may recover. De-escalation between India and Nepal must happen before the social, cultural and economic flows across the open border suffer long-term damage.

    • Cause of Dispute
    • Official Census & Elections in Limpiyadhura villages
    • Arguments by Nepal Diplomats
    • Road to Lipu Lekh
    • View of the Author - Future Talks – Dousing the Fire
    • Immediate Need to De-escalate
    • If Limpiyadhura goes to Nepal – Author’s Suggestion


    Aiming to decolonize through colonial logic 

    Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) last year constituted the Committee for Reforms in Criminal Law to undo the “colonial foundations of our criminal law”. The precise mandate of the Committee has not been put into the public domain, but it is apparent that the Committee aims to recommend an overhaul of the Indian criminal justice system. Among others, judges, lawyers, and activists have voiced their concerns about the composition and operation of the Committee.

    • Aim of the Committee
    • Concerns Expressed
    • Deliberative Democracy


    Go - No go forests approved for mining

    Center for science and environment has found that , Since 2015, of the 49 blocks
    cleared for coal mining, nine were in ‘No-Go’ areas. In 2020, of the 41 blocks put up for auction, 21 feature in the original No-Go list.

    • No go Zones 
    • Not utilising existing capacity
    • Tweaking the clearance system
    • Initial classification and current status of "no-go" and "go" zones