02 September, 2020

  • In Kashmir, still a long way to go - Lead Article (Polity & Governance) (Scrapping Article 370, Complexity of Kashmir, Discussions needed,)
  • A 'new' democracy? Article (Polity & Governance) (New Democracy, Suppression of Human Rights, Global Phenomena)
  • Telcos get 10 years to pay AGR dues to govt. + AGR dues have to be paid in toto: SC - (Economy) (Adjusted Gross Revenue, Core and Non-Core Activities)
  • India aims for balance with slew of Multilateral meetings (International Relations) (2+2 Dialogue, India-US, QUAD)
  • India, Russia to hold naval drills in Andaman Sea (International Relations) (Bilateral Naval Exercise, INDRA 2020, India-Russia, KAVKAZ)
  • Rajiv Kumar takes over as Election Commissioner (Polity & Governance) (Article 324, Election Commission, Election Commissioner)
  • Brasilia Declaration - Road Accidents in Capital (Social Issues) (Road Accidents, Brasilia Declaration)
  • IRDAI sets up panel on indexed-linked life products (Economy) (Indexed linked life products, IRDAI)
  • Treating Data as Commons - Reference (DNS-22-July-20) (Gopalakrishnan Committee, Personal and Non-Personal Data)
  • Question for the Day

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    Scrapping of Article 370 of the Indian Constitution

    The article has been written in the backdrop of scrapping of Article 370 of the Indian
    Constitution and converting the former state into two Union Territories. The author who is a
    former National Security Advisor lists out the impact of such a move on the overall situation in

    • About the decision of scraping article 370
    • Unrealised Goals and Concerns
    • Historical Complexity of Kashmir
    • Will straight jacket formula of Nationalist Ideology work for Kashmir?
    • Have Debate & Introspect

    A ‘new’ democracy?

    The ‘democracy’ practiced in major part of the world includes free and fair, dual or
    multi-party, fixed-term elections based on universal adult franchise in its ideal state. A
    contestant party winning the majority of votes represents the will of the electorate and gets to
    form the government; others sit in the opposition until the next election. However, the simplicity of democracy does conceal some of the structural flaws.

    • Fallouts of Present Democratic Practice
    • Conclusion – The New Normal – Personalized Democracy

    Telcos get 10 years to pay AGR dues to govt. + AGR dues have to be paid in
    toto: SC

    The Supreme Court has allowed telecom companies 10 years’ time to pay their Adjusted Gross Revenue (AGR) dues to the government. The government had proposed in court a 20-year “formula” for telcos to make staggered payments of the dues but the Court found 20 years bit excessive. The formula was devised after extensive discussions, even at the Cabinet level, taking into account the financial dent the dues would cause the telecom sector. Even after part payment, the dues still amounts to Rs. 1.43 lakh crore.

    • Decision of the Court
    • Reasons given by the Supreme Court
    • Decision of Supreme Court of October, 2019
    • Telecom Companies in Financial Stress – 2019 Judgment
    • What is AGR?
    • Concerns of telecom operators
    • Rajiv Gauba Committee

    India aims for balance with slew of multilateral meetings

    Defence Minister Rajnath Singh and External Affairs Minister S. Jaishankar will meet with their
    Russian and Chinese counterparts next week for the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation (SCO) meeting.

    New Delhi is planning to host their American counterparts for the Indo-U.S. “2+2” talks as well as a meeting of Foreign Ministers of the “Quad”, including Australia and Japan in October, several officials confirmed.

    2+2 talks are a dialogue between Defence Ministers and External Affairs Ministers from India and US and so the name two plus two came into existence. This meeting aims to enhance defence and other strategic ties between the two in the emerging world order.

    Prelims summary

    • Election Commission of India
    • Indra 2020
    • Index-linked life products
    • Brasilia Declaration

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