04 September, 2020

  • Question Hour - Instruments that hold the government accountable (Polity) (Issue of parliamentary accountability)
  • Increasing Marriageable age of girls - (Social issues ) (debate on increasing the marriageable age of girls)
  • Quadrilateral security dialogue - (International Relations)
  • National digital health mission - reference - (Social issues )
  • Telecom sector - reference (Economy )
  • Question for the day (Polity)

Prelims Quiz


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    A politics of avoidance that must be questioned

    Considering the COVID pandemic, the government has done away with Question Hour in the upcoming Monsoon Session. This decision was opposed by the members of Opposition Party. In view of the backlash, Parliamentary Affairs Minister Pralhad Joshi has requested the Lok Sabha Speaker to allow unstarred questions by members. So, this article has been written in this backdrop of stifling of dissent or any kinds of question which is raised against the functioning of the present government. Before going through the news analysis, let us understand about Question Hour and Kinds of Questions asked during the Question Hour.           

    • About Question Hour
    • Zero Hour
    • Four types of questions
    • Importance of Question Hour – Accountability & Transparency
    • The idea to drop Question Hour is Shocking


    Should the age of marriage for women be raised to 21?

    In his Independence Day speech, Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced that the government will soon take a decision on the age of marriage of women. Earlier, a task force had been formed to consider raising the age of marriage from 18 years to 21. Madhu Mehra and Jayna Kothari discuss the issue in a conversation moderated by Jagriti Chandra.

    • provisions of the Prohibition of Child Marriage Act (PCMA), 2006
    • Marriageable Age should be equal for both?
    • is Minimum age for Sexual Consent
    • Arguments in favour of increasing the marriageable age for girls 
    • Argument against increasing the marriageable age for girls


    Gen. Rawat pushes for Quad

    • About Quadrilateral Security Dialogue

    Manish Malik 5 months ago

    Sir, in 3rd question(which of the following statements is/are correct? and the answer is neither 1 nor 2.)
    But in solution it said (It involves an element of censure against the government and hence Rajya Sabha is not permitted to make use of this device.) It means only Lok Sabha is permitted to use this motion. Then, why the answer is neither 1 nor 2? 
    Please clear my doubt.

    Anuraag Bhowmick 5 months ago

    shouldn't the answer be B for ques no. 3?

    Ayush Chhawal 5 months ago

    Respected Sir/Mam, I appreciate your efforts in making these questions but kindly make sure the marked answer and explanation given for it do not contradict each other. It can cost a student a fortune. So many times there have been in errors in correct answers. Please try to limit the errors. 

    Ujjwala Daripa 5 months ago

    Adjournment Motions are admissible only in the Lok Sabha. correct ans for q3 is b)

    Manish Malik 5 months ago

    Respected Sir/Mam, please clear my doubt.

    Ashwinee Kumar 5 months ago

    Adjournment motion can be used in Legislative Assembly too.