07 September, 2020

  • Mixed Messaging: India's Integration into Global Value Chains (GVCs) - Prospects and Challenges Indian Economy
  • Court's drift and Chinks in the Judiciary's Armour: Problems with the Master of Roster System - (Polity & Governance)
  • Research Paper calls for Change in India's Forest Policy - (Environment & Biodiversity)
  • Close old Power Plants: Prelims Pointer on Energy Sector (Environment & Biodiversity)
  • Government suspends FCRA licence of 4 Christian Groups ( Polity & Governance)
  • Policy lessons in Tamil Nadu's Language Formula- Reference
  • Question for the day

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    Mixed messaging: India’s integration into global value chain (GVCs) – Prospects and challenges 

    Recently, Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed the US-India Strategic Partnership Forum. In his speech, PM Modi pitched for greater investment into India from US-based Companies so that Indian Economy gets integrated into Global Supply Chains. Now, the call for Integration of Indian Economy into Global Value Chains has been appearing in the newspaper repeatedly and hence becomes extremely important from the perspective of Examination.


    • Understanding Global Value Chains (GVCs)
    • Measurement of Country's Integration into GVCs
    • Evolution of GVCs across the World
    • Why should India get Integrated into GVCs?
    • Reasons for India's Poor Integration into GVCs
    • Way Forward


    Courts drift and chinks in the judiciary armour

    As per the Indian Constitution, the Supreme Court is required to act as guarantor of FRs. It is required to keep a check on the powers of the executive and ensure basic rights to Indian Citizens. However, many legal scholars and legal luminaries have highlighted that in recent times, there has been marked shift in the stance of Supreme Court from Rights based court to Executive court. 

    • What do you mean by Executive court?
    • Political interference in the functioning of Judiciary
    • Master of the roaster
    • Procedure to allocate cases:
    • Way Forward


    Research paper calls for the change in the India’s Forest Policy 

    Domestic timber production has slumped while imports soared because of decades of policies which were focused on conservation instead of production.  In this regard a paper has been published, which demands a relook at the forest policy. 

    • So what is the Background?
    • So what was the impact of the shift in focus to conservation?
    • So what is Trees Outside Forests
    • Why were we not able to project the shortage?
    • Increase in demand of Timber:
    • Benefits of Timber production from trees outside forests (TOFs)
    • The changes which have been recommended?


    Close old power plants: Prelims pointer on India’s energy sector

    According to recent analysis carried out by Climate Research Horizon, shutting down thermal power plants which are more than 20 years old can lead to financial savings of around Rs 53,000 crores. These savings are on account on mainly 2 reasons -    

    1. Not having to spend on retrofitting these old power plants to reduce the toxicity of the emissions.
    2. Savings due to shift towards Renewable Energy

    Apart from that, the article also highlights that India has surplus power generation capacity wherein several states have installed capacity that is far higher than their actual requirements.

    • Share of different sources in installed capacity
    • Contribution of various renewable sources
    • Progress report on renewable energy


    Government suspends FCRA liscence of four Christian group

    Licence provided by Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) under The Foreign Contribution Regulation Act (FCRA) is necessary or mandatory for a non-profit organisation to receive foreign funds in India. MHA has suspended FCRA licence of six NGOs out of which 4 are Christian Associations. Concerns have been raised regarding the impact of U.S.-based evangelical donors as they indulge in religious conversions in India.     

    • Foreign Contribution (Regulation) Act, 2010
    • To whom FCRA is applicable?
    • Who can receive foreign contribution?
    • Who are prohibited to receive foreign contribution?
    • How can permission to accept Foreign Contribution be obtained?
    • What are the eligibility criteria for grant of registration?
    • What are the eligibility criteria for grant of Prior Permission?
    • What are the conditions to be met for the grant of registration and prior permission?

    Ritika Gupta 5 months ago