27 November, 2020

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  • PM Pitches for One Nation One Election (Polity & Governance)
  • Rein in vaccine Nationalism, the profiteering ( Polity & Governance)
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  • China looks to reset ties with World Dual Circulation (International Relations)
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    UPSC Current Affairs: PM pitches for ‘One Nation, One Election’| Page 01

    UPSC Syllabus: Prelims: Polity & Governance | Mains – GS Paper II - Polity & Governance    

    Sub Theme: Reports on Simultaneous Elections |UPSC     

    About simultaneous elections

    ·      After independence, simultaneous elections for Lok Sabha and State Assembly Elections continued till 1967.

    ·      However, dissolution of state legislatures in 1968 followed by dissolution of Lok Sabha in 1970 halted this tradition of simultaneous elections.

    ·      Elections are conducted every five years in different states as per their constitutional existence.

    ·      Over the period of years, stability of the various governments at state level has lost their synch of common existence in the same time interval.

    ·      Coalition politics have emerged slowly over a period of years and now we are witnessing coalition government in various states.

    ·      Compulsion of coalition politics have often resulted in premature dissolution of both Central and respective state governments. This has led to different election years for different states.

    ·      Now, the Prime Minister of India is advocating for the need of an idea of “One Nation One Poll” by holding simultaneous elections to Lok Sabha and respective State Assemblies.

    Recommendations & Reports

    ·      Law Commission of India in its 117th Report has suggested that election of Legislative Assemblies where term is ending six months after the General election to Lok Sabha can be clubbed with it but election result can be declared at the end of their tenure. This can be possible with the cooperation of political parties.

    ·      The Standing Committee on Personnel, Public Grievances, Law and Justice under the Chairmanship of Dr. E.M. Sugarcane Natchiappan had submitted a report on the “Feasibility of Holding Simultaneous Elections to Lok Sabha and State Legislative Assemblies” in December 2015. The Committee noted that the Representation of People Act, 1951 permits the Election Commission to notify general elections six months prior to the end of the terms of Lok Sabha and state assemblies. The Committee recommended that elections could be held in two phases. It stated that elections to some Legislative Assemblies could be held during the midterm of Lok Sabha. Elections to the remaining legislative assemblies could be held with the end of term of Lok Sabha.

    ·      The NITI Aayog in its Three Year’s Action Agenda has suggested that all elections in India should happen in a free, fair and synchronised manner so as to cause minimum campaign mode disruption to governance. In this direction, NITI Aayog has suggested to move towards switching to a synchronised two-phase election to the Lok Sabha. This would require a maximum one-time curtailment or extension of some state assemblies. 


    UPSC Current Affairs:Rein in vaccine Nationalism, the profiteering | Page 06

    UPSC Syllabus: Prelims: International events| Mains – GS Paper II – International relations

    Sub Theme: vaccine nationalism |UPSC                

    What is “vaccine nationalism” ?

    It is a term used to describe the fact that many countries are only thinking about their own population during vaccine development.

    Why “vaccine nationalism” is not desirable?

    The virus is everywhere in the world and it would be impossible for the world to go back to normal, and for the economy to recover if only pockets of people are protected.

    Political compulsions is the chief cause of “vaccine nationalism”. Most political leaders would first think about protecting their own people.

    Strategies to counter Vaccine Nationalism and Profiteering

    • WTO Waiver on the issuance of patents for COVID-19 Vaccines
    • Coerce Pharma companies to issue voluntary licensing to pharma companies based in poor and developing countries
    • Issue compulsory licensing as provided under TRIPS Agreement
    • Strengthen GAVI Alliance to ensure balance and Inclusive Vaccination.


    UPSC Current Affairs: Are tougher laws the answer to check online abuse? | Page 7

    UPSC Syllabus: Prelims: Polity & Governance | Mains: GS Paper-II – Polity & Governance

    Sub Theme: Cyber laws and regulations | UPSC   


    UPSC Current Affairs: China looks to reset ties with World- “Dual Circulation” |Page 13    

    UPSC Syllabus: Prelims: Current events of international importance | Mains – GS Paper II – International Relations

    Sub Theme:  Strategy in the post-COVID-19 World | UPSC        


    • The Chinese President has outlined the “Dual Circulation” strategy to be followed by China in the post-COVID-19 World.
    • It entails enhancing dependence of the world on China and reducing China’s dependence on the World. It focusses on boosting Internal Circulation ( Domestic Economy) and External Circulation ( Building independent supply Chain, Boosting Exports, Integration with the Global economy through FTAs.
    • In a way, it seeks to promote Aatma Nirbhar China.

    SOURAV SAHAY 1 month ago

    A request to Rau IAS team to implement some changes 
    - to increase the number of questions given a weekly Mains practice questions.
    - Main practice questions given in DNS can be made part of Mains daily practice questions or please provide a sample answer to these DNS Mains practice questions.
    - Also for Mains daily practice questions, reduce the time of submission to one day. So if a question is given on thurs, ask for submission by fri end of day. This will help in increasing number of questions per week from 1.

    At last congratulations on the 2nd anniversary of the DNS. I have been part of it from the very start. THANKS FOR SUCH PRECISE YET ELOQUENT NEWS ANALYSIS COTENT OVER THE YEARS.