Economic Survey 2020-21 Analysis Part-2 | UPSC CSE | Rau's IAS

  • Introduction
  • Volume 1 Chapter 1 : Saving Lives and Livelihoods
  • Volume 1 Chapter 8: Innovation
  • Volume 2 Chapter 1: State of Economy 2021- Macro View
  • Volume 1 Chapter 4: Inequality & Growth: Conflict or Convergence
  • Volume 1 Chapter 5: Healthcare takes centre stage, Finally
  • Volume 1 Chapter 9: Jay ho: Ayushman Bharat
  • Volume 1 Chapter 10: The Bare Necessities
  • Volume 2 Chapter 10: Social Infrastructure, Employment and Human Development
  • Volume 2 Chapter 7, 8 & 9: Agriculture, Industry and Services

In this latest video of Rau's IAS, Economic Survey 2020-21 is explained by one of Rau's top Economy expert Mr. Basava Uppin, with the perspective of UPSC Civil Services Examination.

In the series of "Budget and Economic Survey" we have already released a video - Union Budget Explanation and Analysis:, which is trending among the IAS Students, and on the demand we are conducting  #EconomicSurvey 2020-21 series in two parts and to explain it in simple form, Rau's IAS have conducted this live interactive session with UPSC IAS aspirants along with the Q&A session. Watch this video to know what were the economic problems and economic challenges with the recommendations and strategies which provides bird's eye view of entire Economy.






Economic Survey Notes:

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